Welcome to Concrete Surfers

Hi my name is Chris and i created Concrete Surfers because I’m a nerd for electric skateboards.

You too? Awesome.

Since I found out about the existence of these amazing inventions, I wanted to get my hands on one and when I did, I felt the urge to look for a community, and for more information.

About Concrete Surfers

Too few were talking about them and I didn’t understand why.

Huge metropolises are getting swarmed with deafening and polluting vehicles, and commuting, nowadays, is for the brave.

Why aren’t electric skateboards more popular by now!?

Well Concrete Surfers is my attempt in spreading the word and helping the e-skate universe get known among the masses.

They’re cheap (compared to your car’s loan), they’re clean and they’re cool.

Oh, so cool.

Obviously I don’t claim I own and know every single thing about all the electric skateboards around.

But I love peeking around and learning.

My mission is simply to collect and compile all the best information available on electric skateboards, so you can learn more about them and make an informed decision, without having to scour the web for hours.

I totally believe these awesome rides can help make the world a better place, at least doing their part.

They allow us to roam, be more productive and just plain have more fun.

To me the perfect lifestyle is all about freedom and flexibility. Electric skateboards not only provide that, but can be your ticket to meet new friends, experience new places, and become part of a movement, a culture.

Let’s start our journey.