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Vokul V1 Cruiser – The Board for Beginners

facebooktwitterJust because you're in the market for an electric skateboard doesn't mean you want to blaze down the street at 25 miles per hour on a thin plank of wood. Some people want something slower, and some beginners need something slower. That's where Vokul's...

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Exway x1 Pro – the iPhone of Skateboards

facebooktwitterExway is the Apple of the electric skateboard world. Their goal is always to keep the board slim and sleek while packing it full of features and tech that no other manufacturer can match. The x1 Pro is the updated version of the original x1. It has some...

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The Best Boosted Board Alternatives

facebooktwitter Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular these days. They make a great commuter option for distances that are just a bit too far to quickly walk to but not quite far enough to justify using a car. On top of that, they're tons of fun! ...

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