Best Electric Skateboard Motors: Our Top 7 Picks

by Chris | Last Updated: November 12, 2021

As we mentioned in our DIY guide to electric skateboards, finding the best electric skateboard motor is one of the first steps in building (or modifying) your dream board.

Whether you go with a belt drive or hub system, you’ll want to find one with the right specs, torque, range, and reliability for your riding style and transport needs.

There’s a lot to consider, but we’ve listed 7 solid choices to look at for your next build.

The Best Motors for Electric Skateboards


PROMOTOR 90mm Powered Dual 6364 Hub Motor Drive Kit for DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard

The brushless outrunner motors are the most notable feature of the PROMOTOR Hub Motors. A 6364 engine like this has greater power than a brushed drill engine. You can reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour thanks to its torque and economy.

For a hub motor skateboard, this is a nicely balanced speed.

Of course, when riding, you must maintain a high level of safety. But many people who start using electric skateboards do so because they want speed and the PROMOTOR Hub Motor will help provide just that: speed and lots of it.

The wheels of this model, unlike its belt-driven predecessor, are the motors themselves. There’s no need to set up pulleys or alter belt tensions any longer. All you have to do now is attach the complete motor body to my skateboard’s deck. It’s simple to set up on its own.

This motor is not only fast, but also extremely powerful. Each motor has 550W, which is more than enough to transport someone up to 200 pounds. The 90mm wheels that come with it help to keep the power of this motor going. These engines, despite their strength, do not overheat easily, making them formidable skateboard components.

One of the finest features of this automobile manufacturer is that it encourages energy saving technology. You won’t have to charge your batteries all that often. Its smooth start aids in the saving of my batteries as well. As a result, riders not only receive powerful and fast trails, but they also get an efficient one.

The PROMOTOR Hub Motor is easy to install, even for those who don’t have a lot of experience doing so. It’s the simplest, fastest way to create the electric skateboard of your dreams in no time at all.



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Flipsky Electric Skateboard 6374 Motor

Flipsky Upgrade 6374 140KV 12S with Glues Poured Brushless BLDC Motor for ESK8

This is a little motor with a lot of power and a clean, tight appearance. The Flipsky Electric Skateboard 6374 Motor will not only keep boarders moving with grace and speed, but it will also maintain our skateboard looking nice. The exterior of this device has a nice polish that keeps the motors dust-free. For further durability, it has a robust shaft and a laminated steel starter.

This motor features a sturdy and dependable mechanism. It boasts an 8Nm torque and speed, allowing for smooth acceleration. Its maximum output wattage of 3250W and maximum current of 85A make it even more powerful. This brand appeals to me because it creates seamless but powerful transitions.

This product is compatible with electric skateboards, as well as electric bikes, surfboards, and other similar devices.

With a load, each motor can take 70A peak current and 20A-30A on average. These statistics, along with the 190Kv rating of this device, are ideal for my targeted speed. This motor brand also has a lot of torque. Because these factors are nicely balanced, your skateboard will perform well.

With a smooth and clean look and design, the Flipsky Electric Skateboard 6374 runs well, runs fast, and creates an incredibly smooth ride.



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IWONDER Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor

IWONDER Original Boosted Board V3 Motor Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor for Boosted Board Aftersale Motor

The IWONDER Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor is ideal for hill climbing and faster acceleration. It will make your ride smoother than before. This item is a belt-driven motor with exceptional strength. As a result, we can always rely on this engine brand whether we’re riding uphill or piling up some speed.

This product is a great substitute for Boosted board brands and performs best with them. It fits snugly in my Mini X and performs similarly to other Boosted motors. Because the connecting pins are of various sizes, some customers have experienced difficulties with them.

However, this issue is simple to resolve and does not cause too much inconvenience. This motor has been praised in a number of internet reviews.

This electric skateboard motor’s Kv rating is ideal for most riders’ desired speed and power. It’s rated at 210Kv, which is standard for most belt motors. It’s neither too fast nor too fast. A rating of 180 to 270 Kv is preferable, but this one will satisfy the majority of acceptable preferences.

With this device, you should never have to deal with issues that prevent your skateboard from working properly. If there are any quality concerns, you can use a 30-day return window with this brand. As a result, you can buy this motor with confidence.

There is very little to complain about with the IWONDER Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor. It runs like a dream, looks like one, and is installed like one too. No matter the speed or power you need, the IWONDER will deliver.



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ZXMOTO Sensorless Dual Hub Motor

The ZXMOTO Sensorless Dual Hub Motor has gained a lot of fans over the years and it’s definitely one of the most popular electric skateboard motors on the market. Perhaps the best thing about it is its low price and reliable structure and build.

This electric skateboard motor’s Kv rating is ideal for most riders’ desired speed and power. It’s rated at 210Kv, which is standard for most belt motors. It’s neither too fast nor too fast. A rating of 180 to 270 Kv is preferable, but this one will satisfy the majority of acceptable preferences.

With this device, you should never have to deal with issues that prevent your skateboard from working properly. If there are any quality concerns, you can use a 30-day return window with this brand. As a result, you can buy this motor with confidence.

Other than being water-resistant, this motor brand does not overheat. It has a 270Kv rating sufficient to produce the high speed and power created by only the best skateboards. Riding in Seattle or a city that gets a lot of rain? This motor is perfect for you.

The price point is one of the most attractive things about this motor because it won’t break the bank. That means this is a great motor for newcomers. It does get a bit loud, though, so you should be prepared for a bit of volume after installation.



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HGLTECH BLDC Belt Brushless Sensored Motor

HGLTECH BLDC Belt Brushless Sensored Motor for Electric Skateboard EBike ESK8 Build E-Scooter Motor (HGLTECH 6374 Motor with 15T Pulley)

This motor has a lot to write home about and very little to complain about. The operational efficiency of the HGLTECH BLDC Belt Brushless Sensored Motor is quite good. Its strong 7Nm torque ensures smooth but forceful acceleration.

This product isn’t restricted to electric skateboards. Many reviewers use this equipment to repair a scooter engine. This engine isn’t only for skateboards which means it has more value than many other motors on our list.

This motor brand is appealing due to its solid construction. Its high-strand silicone wire is 12AWG, and the gold bullet connectors are 4mm. In addition, these components aid in the establishment of a secure link between the remainder of the skateboard’s components.

This product features a stable system in addition to a robust body composition. It has a 3250W maximum power and an 85A amperage rating. These numbers contribute to the motor’s power capability. It comes in a small package but it contains a lot of get-up-and-go.

Furthermore, because it is lightweight, it is easy to transport. It works with both sensor and sensorless modes. This gives riders more variety and more uses.



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Vanpro Brushless Outrunner Motor

vanpro Brushless Outrunner Motor Power N5065 400KV 1450W DIY Electric Skate Board Bicycle Scooter(Snow Black, Pack of 1)

The next motor is great for nearly any type of board. Whether you are going uphill, downhill, on a smooth road or a beat-up sidewalk, this is one you should consider.

The Vanpro Brushless Outrunner Motor has a well-built construction and a silicon steel sheet that provides a variety of features. This substance lowers current losses by increasing the electrical resistivity of iron. That implies we may use a large portion of the electrical current generated by our sources.

Skateboarders love this engine because it works with numerous different types of remote controllers. It works with VESCs, brushless ESCs for RC cars, twin motor ESCs for electric skateboards, and other ESC remotes. As a result, finding a remote to control these motors shouldn’t be difficult. It’s also capable of being attached to multiple different types of rides so you it has a wide amount of uses.

The rotating speed of this product is really fast. It also has a 400Kv rating, which makes it a strong motor when compared to other skateboard engines. These characteristics make it suitable for racing, difficult trails, or a leisurely day ride.

This motor’s cables are strong enough to withstand action and even tugging. These braided cables include high-quality connection boots and come in a braided finish. The cables are also colored differently to make connection identification easier.

The Vanpro Brushless Outrunner Motor is a good deal no matter how you see it, but be warned that some buyers have warned of it being scratched up upon delivery.



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Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Skateboard

Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Aluminum Iron Skateboard Wheel Engine Remote Control Hub Motor Kit for Electric Skateboard 350W 72mm

Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Aluminum Iron Skateboard Wheel Engine is a high-end electric skateboard brushless motor. This type of motor has a lot of power, efficiency, and torque. As a result, we can always anticipate quality and consistency from this substance beneath the skateboard’s deck.

Premium aluminum and iron components are used in this product. The fracture and wear resistance of these materials is well recognized. The included wheels are made of polyurethane, which has good flexibility and stress absorption. Superior materials, superior quality – that’s what you get with the Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Skateboard.

Users can have this motor brand as long as the skateboard’s length is less than 910mm. The engine has a 350W output, which is suitable for longboards of this size.

This hub motor’s design is incredible. It has closed bearing support on both ends, which keeps water and dust out of the motor. As a result of these coverings, you may ensure that your skateboard has a long service life and increased durability.

If you have any questions or issues, you may contact their helpful and courteous customer care. This type of after-sale service is not available from all brands. As a result, this feature should be emphasized and remembered when looking for potential automobile brands.



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Different Types of Motors

Electric Skateboard, Electric Skateboard with Remote Control for Beginners, 350W Brushless Motor, Max 12.4 MPH, Cruiser E-Ska with DIY Stickers, 3 Speed Adjustment for Kids, Teens, Students and Adults

Before we examine the specific motors that you could adapt and add to your skateboard, we need to talk about what to look for when you are shopping for one. It isn’t as simple and straightforward as simply walking into a store and asking for a motor.

There are different types to examine, all with both pros and cons.

So, what is what and which is the right type of motor for you?

Belt Drive Motors

Hobbysky 6374 190KV Brushless Outrunner Motor Belt Drive Motor with Closed Cover and Hall Sensor for DIY Electric Skateboard Electric Bike Mini Scooter Surfboard (10mm Shaft)

Belt drive motors have a brushless motor with a pulley on it that connects to a bigger pulley on the wheel via a belt. Belt drives provide you with a variety of gear ratio, torque, and speed swappable choices.

If you reside in a hilly area or want to use your board for both on and off-road purposes, these motors can be excellent choices.

For added longevity, some DIY all-terrain riders replace their belt drives with chain drives. You may use them as a single motor or a pair of motors. They also have a number of moving components that need to be adjusted and may vibrate or move out of square.

The torque these tiny motors put off may necessitate adjustments to motor mounts, belts, and motors during and after a hard ride, depending on your configuration.

However, once tuned, the power will make you smile. Aside from the high torque curve, the nicest thing about belt drives is that you can convert any system to work on nearly any skateboard truck, skateboard wheel, or all-terrain wheel with a pulley. There is a lot of support if you need it among the online community, and no odd inquiries are unwanted.

Hub Motors


Hub Motors are precisely what they sound like: motors that serve as the hubs of the wheels. The wheel revolves as they do. They don’t require any additional moving components, produce hardly audible noise, and come in a variety of fixed speed variants.

If you’re very confident and have an unbreakable battery and ESC enclosure, you can even go to the skate park and ride it like a normal board.

Because hub motors only utilize sleeves as wheels, the types of wheels you can buy are restricted.

Blitzart Mini Flash 28" Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8" Wheel E-Skateboard (Black)

Blitzart Mini with Hub Motor, via Amazon

Replacement sleeves are simple to get by, and new styles are released on a regular basis.

Aside from its quiet, hub motors have the capacity to continue kick-push your board properly if your batteries fail.

You could even be able to replenish the batteries this way, depending on your motor arrangement.

Gear Drive

Although the gear drive may appear to be new, DIY enthusiasts have been tinkering with gear-driven devices for years.

Gear drive systems, for the most part, are compact, complex, close-coupled gear systems that combine the finest features of all the systems listed above.

You can replace your wheels whenever you want, there are no belts, and you get the torque of a belt drive system in a small system that can tear through both mountains and cityscapes.

The majority of these devices are very responsive and incredibly small. Changeable gearing is available on some fantastic DIY all-terrain race setups, but fixed gear systems are the standard for the most part.

The most significant disadvantage of this method is the gear noise, which may be deafening for the most sensitive, as well as its complexity and cost. There is a reason that this sort of motor has only been used by experts for so long.

For many DIY builders, these integrated motor trains might be too costly. If you can afford it, though, the cost is definitely worth it. This motor/drive train combination could be right for you if you’re a professional off-road racer in need of a high-speed sealed system.

Direct Drive

Direct drive combines the advantages of hub and belt drive by combining the high torque and fast speed of belt-driven motors with the direct input of hub motors, eliminating the need for belts, mounts, and pulleys.

Like the belt drive, the acceleration is completely adjustable, with all of the power flowing straight to the wheels. On top of all that direct power, these motors dissipate heat fast, allowing them to run at greater speeds for longer periods of time, making them perfect for uphill racing.

You get the right blend of ease of use, fast acceleration, and well-balanced power management with these motors.

You can use any skate wheel you can fit an adapter on, including all-terrain wheels and push kick. Of course, there is no perfect motor for all situations, and direct drive has its flaws. Direct drive motors are very, very big.

Their relative size puts them real low to the ground and subject to damage from debris.

Their cans are not bulletproof, and even a small rock can do damage.

Riders using pneumatic wheels on street and off-road would benefit greatly from direct drive. For the brave soul who wants to feel the power and run low and fast on urethane street wheels, you will want to start learning how to carve and weave quickly.

Any skate wheel with an adapter may be used, including all-terrain and push-kick wheels. Of course, no motor is perfect for every scenario, and direct drive has its drawbacks. Direct-drive motors are colossal in size.

Because of their small size, they are quite low to the ground and vulnerable to debris. Even a little pebble can cause damage to their cans, which are not indestructible. Direct drive would be extremely beneficial to riders who use pneumatic wheels on the street and off-road.

You’ll want to start learning how to carve and weave rapidly if you want to feel the power and run low and fast on urethane street wheels.

Things to Consider

When you are looking for the right motor for your electric skateboard, there are certain things to keep in mind and search for while shopping. Thankfully, due to online shopping sites, you can find a wide variety of motors that feature all of these.

Performance: It is important to find a motor that works well – and often. Do not buy a motor that will not last a long time and will not perform well while you own it.

Materials: Remember that these motors will be used almost exclusively outside. They will be exposed to all of the elements and it’s important that they are made with materials that won’t wear and tear quickly.

Noise: Since these are motors, you can expect a bit of noise from some of them. But some motors on the market are much louder than others. It’s vital you only choose a motor that won’t hurt your eardrums.

Installation: Chances are that you will be installing these motors yourself. That means you need to get one that is easy to adapt and attach to your board. This is doubly true if you are installing a motor for the first time. Many motors are perfect for newcomers.