What’s the Best Electric Skateboard under $500 in 2020? Top 5 Models Reviewed

by Chris | Last Updated: September 1, 2021

Electric skateboarding is picking up popularity fast, both in the United States and abroad. As such, recreational skateboarders and commuters alike are beginning to give this innovative mode of transportation a second look, primarily for its compact size and effort-reducing operation. But perhaps more importantly, competition in this industry has enticed prospective electric skateboarding converts with promises of well-equipped models under $500.

If you’re shopping for a new electric skateboard on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed 5 of the most durable, most capable electric skateboards under $500 in order to show how you can break into this exhilarating hobby without breaking the bank.

With a minimal investment, you could be the next person in your city or on your college campus to take full advantage of what electric skateboards have to offer.

Electric Skateboards under $500 Reviewed

Advantages of Electric Skateboards

Minimizes Effort while Maximizing Movement

At their very core, electric skateboards are designed to decrease overall physical effort while maximizing the freedom of movement associated with skateboarding. Electric skateboards manage to accomplish this lofty goal in a compact and user-friendly format that allows riders to toggle between speeds through a handheld wireless remote control.

On a manual skateboard, your top speeds are fully reliant on how fast you can push the board, in addition to your own ability to maintain momentum while traveling over inclines and taking turns. Electric skateboards lower the barrier for entry by continuously maintaining its own motorized speed over a battery-powered range.

All in all, you can use an electric skateboard for everything from recreation to commuting without needing years of practice and without breaking a sweat.

Affordable and Modern

Biking has long been the go-to method of exploring urban environments and commuting to work in an eco-friendly manner. While biking is certainly fine in its own right, it certainly won’t turn heads as you pass through a crowd. Electric skateboard can certainly accomplish this task through its modern hybridization of a stylish mode of transportation and an effort-reducing source of power.

Previously, this luxury was exactly that – a high-end product that was only accessible to folks with money to spare. But due to innovations in the electric skateboarding industry, these devices have become more affordable than ever. This drop in average pricing hasn’t come at the cost of quality specifications, either, as most budget-conscious models still maintain a worthwhile standard of operation.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Whether you’re considering an electric skateboard for yourself or your child, you’ve almost certainly given some thought to the safety of these automated forms of transportation. While motorized devices like this always come with some inherent risk, electric skateboards in particular manage to maintain an enhanced degree of safety due to their low learning curve and built-in safety features.

Learning to ride an electric skateboard safely is not unlike learning to safely ride a bike. In fact, it takes a comparable amount of time to learn to safely balance on and manipulate the speed of an electric skateboard. When paired with safely features such as Deadman switches on some remote controls, you can be sure that anyone who wears their helmet while riding will likely remain safe.

Are Electric Skateboards for Commuting?

Compact Size

Electric skateboards are, in fact, ideal for commuting in urban environments, not least because of their compact size. This can make a major difference on both ends of your commute, when you’ll have to find a spot to store your commuting mode of transportation. If your home or office lacks a bike rack, you’d usually be required to carry your bike up to your office. Electric skateboards, with their compact form factor, will not burden you in this way.

Ideal for Providing the “Last Mile”

As a further result of their compact size and core capabilities, electric skateboards are also excellent for covering what professionals refer to as the “last mile” of a commute. This is often the stretch a commuter must take to reach a more establish or direct means of transportation, such as a bus stop or commuter train station.

Electric skateboards slot into this equation perfectly because they can quickly and efficiently transport an individual from their home to one of these locations. Better yet, they are able to accomplish this task without the need for the bulky equipment associated with biking. Instead, you’ll simply be able to hold your electric board in your arms as you hop on your direct commuting connection of choice.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal to Ride?

Questions still remain regarding the legality of riding an electric skateboard in 2019. These questions primarily remain because most jurisdictions have not updated their laws in order to accommodate this newly-automated form of transportation. There is not a simple “yes or no” answer to this question, either, requiring some more in-depth analysis.

In the US, only one major jurisdiction – California – has explicitly “legalized” electric skateboard usage. While other states and cities have not taken this official step, most treat electric skateboards as they would other motorized modes of transportation like Segways. As such, you should only use your electric skateboard in publicly-recognized areas (which may include bike lanes and exclude sidewalks in some cities).

Unless you live in California (whose regulations are described here), you should always check with your local transportation authority regarding where you can use your electric skateboard and at what speeds. If localized regulations do not exist, you should only use your board in locations where you are highly visible to other folks sharing the same space (be they pedestrians or motor vehicles).

Understanding the legality of electric skateboard usage can be challenging from an outsider’s perspective. For more information on this topic, check out this informative video:

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards under $500 in 2019


The VOKUL V1 is a standard electric skateboard in every sense of the word, providing a decent degree of capability that matches its price tag and targeted audience. While it’s 13 mph top speed isn’t the top of its class, its 10 mile range is fairly respectable. This range can be attributed to this model’s UL certified 4.4Ah lithium battery in conjunction with its energy-efficient regenerative braking system.

The VOKUL V1 does provide a few interesting features to distinguish it from the pack, though. Among them is its implementation of an automatic turn on and shut off function that activates when the board is moved or left still for several minutes, respectively. In addition, this model’s wireless controller is particularly ergonomic and easy to manipulate with only the user’s fingertips.



Voyager Neutrino

If you’re in the market for an introductory-class electric skateboard that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, then the Voyager Neutrino is a perfect fit for you. With a lightweight form factor and 12.5 mph top speed, this model is ideal for teaching new and young riders the ropes of the hobby in a controlled manner.

Frankly, this model’s 7 mile range is a disappointment. But it can be looked over in order to appreciate this model’s reliability resulting from its IP55 water resistance rating. Moreover, this model’s use of brushless motors ensures that more of the power provided by its battery is properly translated into the board’s movement rather than being wasted as heat.

Even if you aren’t a fan of this model’s Bluetooth remote control, you can still find use in this model while trying to bring an inexperienced rider up to speed on this exhilarating hobby.



Teamgee H8

Finding an affordable and durable electric skateboard that uses longboard-style architecture used to be a tall order…that is, until the Teamgee H8 became widely available. As one of the most recognizable models on the market because of its colorful deck design, this model is also remarkably durable due to its 10-ply Canadian maple wood and 1-ply fiberglass deck construction. This deck is also surprisingly responsive for its ½ inch width – the “thinnest” in the industry according to its manufacturers.

Even the Teamgee H8’s core specifications are worth writing home about. This model allows its rider to cruise along at three different speed settings, including up to a top speed of 15 mph. This model doesn’t shy away from hills, either, and is able to conquer up to 15 degree inclines without a loss of motor power or energy efficiency. Overall, the Teamgee H8 is the best pick for longtime longboarders who want to make the electric switch on a budget.



Alouette Phoenix Ryders

As another affordable electric skateboard offering that provides a longboard-style deck, the Alouette Phoenix allows its rider to zip through city streets at up to 16 mph with a heightened degree of comfort and control. This is a direct result of its powerful 83mm brushless hub motors, which allow it to maintain full torque even while traveling up 10 degree inclines

This model’s construction is also worth noting as it provides a higher-than-average weight capacity. Capable of holding riders up to 220 lbs., the Alouette Phoenix makes use of a deck constructed from 6-ply maple wood and 1-ply bamboo. Taken in conjunction with its 25.2V lithium battery that charges in 2 hours and lasts nearly 500 charges, this electric skateboard is certainly a great value for its low price tag.




Finally, the BLITZART Mini Flash 28″ looks like a traditional skateboard but provides a decent standard of performance as an electric skateboard. This can be seen in its implementation of a 250 watt brushless motor to drive the rider at up to 12 mph. While its 5-8 mile range is less than stellar, it can easily be ignored when recognizing this model’s best-in-class 250 lbs. weight capacity.

Out of all of the affordable electric skateboards described here, the BLITZART Mini Flash holds the unique distinction of being the absolute cheapest. This model’s cheapness does not extend to its presentation, however, as this model comes fully assembled and ready to perform. After a brief two hour recharge, you’ll be riding this new electric skateboard on the same day that you buy it.




Electric skateboards today are more affordable than ever, with growing competition causing more manufacturers to offer models at prices lower than $500. But even for their overall affordability, only a few of these budget-conscious models can earn awards for being the best in the class.

As the best overall, the Teamgee H8 certainly deserves the respect of its peers and its prospective buyers. While this model’s colorful deck is certainly a sight to behold, its specifications – including 10-ply Canadian maple wood and 1-ply fiberglass deck construction – deserves the real praise. Even non-longboarders can quickly grow to love this powerful electric skateboard.

Meanwhile, electric skateboard shoppers interested in the best model for commuting should check out the VOKUL V1. With a top speed of 13 mph and 10 mile range, you’ll easily be able to ride this electric skateboard all the way to work or to your local bus stop. This model’s energy conservation methods also ensure that you’ll always have enough juice to get home at the end of the day.