What’s the Best Off-Road Electric Skateboard in 2020? Top 5 Models Reviewed

by Chris | Last Updated: September 1, 2021

Whether used on urban streets or campus sidewalks, an electric skateboard opens up new opportunities to see your world through new eyes as you effortlessly glide along. If they suffer from any one drawback, though, it’s that your adventuring can at times be limited by paved pathways. Thankfully, those limitations will be a thing of the past after you hop on a purpose-built off-road electric skateboard.

Models in this special class have been reengineered for enhanced durability while maintaining the eco-friendly components that have made these innovative electric skateboards popular. This recreational mode of transportation will take you to all types of new and exciting destinations, making it imperative that you check out our review of the top 5 best off-road electric skateboards as soon as possible.

A new degree of movement freedom has finally arrived. Pick up one of these rugged electric skateboards and harness the power that comes with limitless automated travel.

Off-road Electric Skateboards Reviewed

Advantages of an Off-road Electric Skateboard

Improved Stability through Wheels

As you might expect, an off-road electric skateboard comes with a variety of unique advantages that allow them to tackle uneven surfaces with ease. One of the most noteworthy holistic improvements you’ll see in these boards is their improved stability. This is a direct result of the types of wheels used on most models, which often feature pneumatic construction with reinforced tread patterns.

As a general rule, off-road electric skateboards also feature reinforced trucks and axels that allow them to remain firm even after traveling over rocky roads. Some top-tier models even include devoted shock absorbers, allowing riders to remain steady and in-control regardless of the obstacles in their path.

Enhanced Durability

In order to deal with the many deteriorating hazards that can be found on forest trails and mountain passes, each off-road electric skateboard also includes an array of improvements that enhance their overall durability. This can clearly be seen in most models’ decks, which can include multiple layers of natural and composite materials to provide flexibility while retaining structural strength.

Due to the manner in which they are built, the battery and engine compartments on most off-road electric skateboards are vulnerable to airborne debris. However, high-quality models (such as those reviewed below) take this risk into account and provide added protections for these critical components, including automobile-grade plastic or metal casings.

Eco-Friendly Recreation

Of course, all of these improvements do not come at the cost of the electric skateboard’s core eco-friendly operation. In fact, many rugged models feature longer battery lives than standard models, allowing you to harness more recreational enjoyment out of just a few cent’s worth of renewable electricity. When compared to a gas-burning motorized dirt bike, there’s simply no contest regarding which mode of off-road transportation is greener.

Even after an off-road electric skateboard’s battery runs dry and fails to hold a charge, you can simply replace the old one instead of throwing the entire device in the trash. Then, you can take your old battery to an authorized recycler to further cut down on your electric skateboard’s environmental impact.

Where Can You Use an Off-road Electric Skateboard?

Trails and Parks

Long-time electric skateboarders may believe that they have seen it all on their favorite board. But in fact, only an off-road model provides the durability and stability needed to leave paved streets behind. While you’re breaking new adventurous ground, you’ll be able to coast and glide through the hills and prairies of your local parks.

Traditional electric skateboards simply can’t handle the shocks brought on by the uneven ground on park trails (not to mention their lack of dust resistance). Your new off-road electric skateboard will empower you to tackle these trails without wrecking your favorite mode of transportation. As such, local park trails are by far one of the best places to put an off-road electric skateboard to good use.

Sub-optimal Path Conditions

As noted above, most off-road electric skateboards can resist harmful damage caused by dust kicked up in the board’s wake. But perhaps even better, most off-road boards are capable of remaining safe and fully-operational even when inclement weather affects your trail’s surface conditions. While you still shouldn’t allow your new board to become submerged, you can certainly take most models through snow and small puddles without risking a short circuit in the main motor. In any case, you should always check your owner’s manual to learn more about what conditions your new off-road electric skateboard is capable of conquering.

Tips for Riding an Off-road Electric Skateboard

If you’ve ever operated an electric skateboard, then you already know the basics of how to operate their off-road variants. That being said, there are extra precautions that you must take in order to adapt to off-road conditions and stay fully safe in turn.

First and foremost, know that off-road electric skateboarding carries with it a degree of risk that should be fully accepted before stepping onto the board. In order to decrease the likelihood of injury, you should always dress appropriately for the kind of trail you intend to travel. In all cases, you should always wear a BMX-grade helmet and reinforced, close-toed shoes.

If your particular board includes foot straps or other restraints, be sure to familiarize yourself with their proper operation. This, and other safety information, can be found in your owner’s manual.

Once you are properly outfitted, you are ready to begin practicing in off-road style environments. If it is your first time electric skateboarding off of a paved surface, then you should find a low-grade BMX track or flat park trail to practice on. While you practice, make a habit of bracing your legs (without going stiff) when your ride over large obstacles in order to maintain your balance.

Finally, be sure to spend extra time practicing both motorized and manual braking. Because of the potential for unavoidable obstacles appearing while you traverse a trail, you should especially acquaint yourself with the feeling of placing your non-dominant foot out while in motion to perform a “heel brake”.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Off-road Electric Skateboards in 2019

SuperbProductions Motorized Mountain Longboard


Safety and durability are always two prime considerations for electric skateboarders looking for a new piece of off-roading equipment. Luckily, this SuperbProductions model provides both in a single package, as evidenced by its implementation of built-in foot straps and a stainless steel battery case, respectively. This model even takes durability a step further by providing an ultra-resilient 11-ply Canadian maple wood deck.

This SuperbProductions model’s commitment to durability and safety doesn’t come at the cost of its core capabilities. In fact, this model can accelerate at up to 31 mph with the support of its 3300 watt motor. Though this model takes up to three hours to recharge fully, you’ll be able to enjoy an extended ride with its resulting 19 mile range.



Wave Street 2000 Watt Electric Off-Road Skateboard

The Wave Street 2000 manages to pack in the right combination of key specifications to provide reliability and stability when traversing rocky and dusty trails. This quality starts at its core, where a 46 inch, 10-ply Canadian maple deck evenly distributes the rider’s weight in case of a hard impact. This model’s built-in spring shock absorbers also plays a role in balancing this board as the rider flies up hills at 18.6 mph.

Speaking of traversing hills, the Wave Street 2000 is capable of doing precisely that with ease thanks to its durable pneumatic tire set. These wheels have been formulated for enhanced traction, allowing the board as a whole to climb hills with a sharp 30% incline. Between its suspension and hill-climbing capabilities, this model is capable of handling even the most diverse BMX tracks around.



KKA Electric

The KKA Electric Off-road Skateboard is one interesting option because at first glance, it may not look like it belongs in the off-roading sub-class. But in fact, it’s core specifications – including a set of 90 mm, 78A density wheels – allow it to tackle dusty roads like few of its competitors. This model’s 2000 watt motor also allows for rapid acceleration, ensuring that you can enjoy the rush of wind through your hair on every turn.

The KKA also includes some interesting additional features that may tip the scales for some prospective buyers. For instance, this model’s energy recycling system allows it to charge its own battery while braking, thus extending its effective range. For added convenience, this model is compatible with all USB charging sources, from wall outlets to external battery packs.



MotoTec 1600W Dirt

The MotoTec 1600W comes with some interesting innovations that other off-road electric skateboard manufacturers in its class should take note of. Not only are this model’s twin motors capable of accelerating the board from 0 – 15 mph in 3.5 seconds, but they are also able built to prevent unnecessary twisting during acceleration. The result is a powerful driving operation that can impel the board at up to 22 mph over 10 miles.

The MotoTec 1600W does have some noteworthy drawbacks, unfortunately. For instance, its battery is only designed to last for 90 minutes at a time. When you have to recharge, expect to spend up to five further hours waiting to ride again. However, if you are unbothered by these faults, you can surely take advantage of this model’s anti-locking brake system while traveling over adverse terrains.



Evolve Bamboo GTX

Finally, the Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX is by far the best option for electric skateboarders who expect to split their time evenly between on-road and off-road locations. That’s because this model’s compact wheels are optimized for both settings, including concrete, short grass, tarmac, and dirt. In either setting, you’ll still be able to efficiently zip about at up to 25 mph as well.

With regards to speed, this model provides four versatile options, including slow, “eco”, and fast. The fourth speed option – GT – acts like four-wheel drive and allows the board to climb up to 25% inclines without adding extra stress on the engine. You’ll want to keep this model’s ergonomic remote control in hand at all times as well in order to take full advantage of its diagnostic and Deadman switch capabilities.




As more and more off-road electric skateboards hit the market, it is essential to know which of these high-performing models stand at the top of their sub-class. For the best overall performer, don’t settle for any model with fewer capabilities than the SuperbProductions Motorized Mountain Longboard. From its ultra-durable 11-ply Canadian maple wood deck to its stainless steel battery case and foot straps, no other off-road model can provide such a high degree of durability and reliability.

Meanwhile, if you’re shopping for an off-road electric skateboard on a budget, be sure to check out the MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard. At around half the price of some of its competitors, few can argue that its anti-locking brake system and spring bushing system are “cheap” in terms of performance.