The Best Boosted Board Alternatives

by Chris | Last Updated: September 15, 2021

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular these days. They make a great commuter option for distances that are just a bit too far to quickly walk to but not quite far enough to justify using a car. On top of that, they’re tons of fun!

Unfortunately, these products can often get very expensive. Despite growing popularity, they’re still a niche market, so they aren’t being mass-produced. The parts are also pretty expensive because they need reliable motors, battery power, ECM computer devices, and remotes.

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Electric Longboard for Adults & Teens, 23 MPH Top Speed,400W Singal Motor 240Lbs Max Load, 6 Months Warranty

The Backfire G2, our top rated alternative, via Amazon

You’ve done your research and asked the experts, and you most say that Boosted boards are the best in the market. Influencers use them, and they have a reputation for sweeping every Best Of category for electric skateboards there is!

Again, when you’re on a budget, Boosted boards are out of the question. The reputation for quality and the established brand, allow them to charge premium prices for their boards. Does this mean you’ll be stuck riding an old school skateboard without a motor?

No! Believe it or not, there are some fabulous Boosted board alternatives for more conservative budgets. Because the niche is growing, some high-quality competitors don’t mind charging a little less for their product to entice people to their brand.

Here are our favorites:

Features to look for in Boosted Board alternatives

Before we get into more detailed reviews of our picks for the best Boosted board alternative, we think it is important to let you know which features are important when making this decision.


The range is an important feature when it comes to electric skateboards. Boosted boards are fantastic for commuting because they are light and have a really great range with an extended range battery. Boosted board alternatives are unlikely to rival the range exactly, but a good alternative should still provide plenty of range for the longer rides.


Another thing that makes Boosted boards so expensive is the power they offer. Their dual-motor system offers 900 watts of power, so they have a high weight capacity and plenty of zip when you’re going up steep inclines. They’re also wicked fast when it comes to acceleration.

A great alternative, therefore, must offer a decent amount of power. Honestly, this is where a few of our boards fall a bit short. That kind of power is one of the main reasons Boosted boards are so expensive, so we looked for boards that offered similar features everywhere else while still maintaining enough power to be worth using without paying for 900 watts worth. (Although, we did find a couple of boards that have the same amount of power for significantly less money!)

Top Speed

The good news is that affordable boards no longer cost tons of money to get similar features. Along with range, top speed is one of the primary selling points of electric skateboards. There are plenty of alternatives that offer similarly fast top speeds, so you don’t have to sacrifice your need for speed just to find a cheaper price.

Best Boosted Board Alternatives

Backfire G2T

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Electric Longboard for Adults & Teens, 23 MPH Top Speed,400W Singal Motor 240Lbs Max Load, 6 Months Warranty

This is one of our favorites, and it comes at a significantly lower price. It’s still got plenty of great features and the quality doesn’t suffer.



Although this board’s workmanship isn’t quite as amazing as Boosted’s, it’s still very solid. The only time you really notice the difference in power is when you’re trying to accelerate quickly or go uphill. To us, the price difference is well worth struggling a little harder to get uphill.

It comes with a cool design aesthetic and independently replaceable wheels and motors, so you won’t ever have to replace the entire board. The deck has a medium flex, so it’s pretty decent at shock absorption over rough riding, and the trucks are Caliber II 50-degree, so they offer great stability and performance.

The range and top speed are extremely competitive with even the most expensive boards on the market, so you’re not sacrificing anything where that’s concerned. In fact, they have a pretty advanced battery system that pairs well with the R2 wireless remote control, and the Turbo mode can help to mitigate some of the lost acceleration due to the power difference in boards.

Want even more at a not so higher price? Check out the Backfire G3.

Blitzart Huracane

BLITZART Huracane 38" Dual Brushless Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard 3.3" PU Wheels (Orange)

This is one of the most popular electric skateboards in its price range. If you need to stick to a very minimal budget, this is extremely affordable without sacrificing when it comes to quality features.



Although this board has less power and range than Boosted boards, we think it is a great option for anyone looking to get into the electric skateboard hobby who doesn’t have the budget for high-end features.

The deck is one of the most premium decks out there. It’s got 6-ply maple wood inserted between bamboo layers. The result allows for 250 pounds of weight and offers superior dampening and shock absorbency.

BLITZART Huracane 38" Dual Brushless Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard 3.3" PU Wheels (Orange)

The max speed is still pretty decent, offering over 17 miles per hour with a range of 10 miles. The lithium-ion battery pack will fully charge in less than 3 hours. This makes it a good (not great) option!

Spadger D5X

The Spadger board comes with tons of features and power for around half the price of Boosted boards, making it the perfect Boosted board alternative!



This is a killer board with tons of features that rivals Boosted boards in nearly every capacity! The material is virtually indestructible, so it’s great for rougher rides. Seriously… it’s fireproof, explosion-proof, and shockproof. If you’re going off-roading, this may even outperform the Boosted boards based on the construction alone.

The 900-watt motors match the power of the Boosted boards, making this the best Boosted board alternative we can think of head for head. The only thing that keeps it from matching exactly is that it has a slightly lower range.

This board offers 4 speed modes, so you can learn on it. Beginner mode caps the speed at 9mph. Once you’ve learned, the eco mode will go up to 15 miles per hour, saving the power for longer ranges. The pro mode will top out at 19 miles per hour, with the Expert mode offering top speeds of nearly 25 miles per hour.

Swagtron Swagskate NG2

SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard Skateboard Hands-Free or Remote Control 900W Dual-Hub Brushless Motor 3.5” x 52mm PU Wheels

The Swagskate NG-2 is a really cool board. It has hands free controls thanks to the AI technology, so you can cruise like a traditional skateboard and control the motor without needing a remote!



This is a pretty cool board. The wheels are really smooth and you can get pretty far without pushing off at all. The AI technology on this board will allow you to accelerate or brake just by shifting your weight on the board.

SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard Skateboard Hands-Free or Remote Control 900W Dual-Hub Brushless Motor 3.5” x 52mm PU Wheels

These controls will register your weight shifts without any lag involved. Still, if you want the reassurance of complete control, they do offer a fully-featured remote control alternative in the box.

Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard

SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard 26 MPH Top Speed 24 Miles Range,6 Months Warranty 4 Speed Modes Electric Longboard with LCD Remote Controller

Honestly, we can’t believe that this board is priced as affordably as it is. It’s one of the fastest boards on the market and it has a range of up to 20 miles!



This board can handle tough climbs. In fact, it can even get up hills with grades as high as 25% without eating all the power. The extended battery power is insanely crazy, offering the largest range we’ve ever seen on a board. Although the motor is only 500 watts, as compared to the 900 watts on a Boosted board, the range and top speed alone make it well worth the loss in power as far as commuter boards go.


Although Boosted boards are renowned for being pioneers and often rank in the top spots for eskate categories, the truth is that there are a ton of alternatives that are just as great for a fraction of the price. We know you’ll love any of the 5 we picked.

Our top pick for the absolute best Boosted board alternative is the Spadger D5X. It offers the same amount of power, the same top speed, and nearly the same range as the Boosted boards without charging as much money for these amazing features. On top of that, it’s virtually indestructible!

If you’re not a huge fan of the Spadger, then give the Skatebolt Tornado a shot. This is a fantastic commuter board, especially because of the fast top speed and an incredible 20-mile range! Although it may get a bit heavy to carry when the charge runs out, the range means you can recharge when you reach your destination instead of getting stuck toting it when your power dies before reaching your destination.