Exway X1 Max Hub Review

by Chris | Last Updated: December 8, 2021

Testing electric skateboards is definitely one of the perks of this job. And we recently had an opportunity to test and review a board we’ve been very excited about: the X1 Max Hub from Exway.

X1 Max Hub Review

Below, we’ll give you our initial impressions of this board, including how stable and safe it feels, even at high speeds.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a reasonably priced electric skateboard with premium ride quality and smooth interactive features, the X1 Max Hub is a great choice.

Read on to learn more.

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Exway X1 Max Hub: Overall Performance

x1 max performance

The Exway X1 Max-Hub delivers comfort, style, and high quality performance all while feeling safe. Simply put, this board has something for everyone.

X1-Max-Hub is an extremely versatile board based on your riding preference.  It becomes the speed racer or the ultimate cruiser, and everything in between. The motor of the X1 Max-Hub demonstrates pure power for both speed and braking.  It’s clear we were impressed by this board, and you’ll see why in a minute.

But first, here are some specs to consider before checking it out:

X1 Max Specifications

Dimensions 972×296×136mm (lwh)
Weight 7.9Kg
Top Speed 45Km/h
Range 30Km
Hill Climbing 30%
Charging Time 1.8H (Quick Charger)/5H (Standard Charger)
Max Load 100Kg
Warranty 6 (Six) Months


Smooth Breaking and Gearing

The remote also features a display and one button that controls all four gears. The single click to engage the gear is both highly responsive and smooth.  This aspect controls the rider’s balance and ability to transition between gears without a jerking motion.

The ExWay X1 Max-Hub has a regenerative braking system which also increases the safety and overall riding experience.

As a result, this board is fun, fast, and feels safe. Plus, it is a high-quality board at an affordable price. This is what makes the ExWay X1 Max-Hub a perfect option for beginners and experienced riders.

Ride Feel and Stability

The Exway X1 Max-Hub delivers a true riding experience. I was impressed with the stability of this board while handling high speeds.

Each time I engaged the gear and accelerated my speed, I found myself rolling the thumb wheel slowly because of the motor’s sheer force.

Once I found my comfortable speed, it was time to test out the flex.

Turning and Speed Control

The board required a minimal amount of weight shift to manipulate smooth turns. Even at 20mph, the wheels defied small sticks, debris, and rugged terrain.

It was comforting to feel the brake responding quickly.

At high speeds, I also pumped the knob of the thumb wheel to stop gradually, rather than abruptly.

This feature excited me the most because I don’t know how to really stop on non-electric longboards.

I normally ride a Bustin Longboard, so I just like to cruise and make some nice turns.

Let’s face it, I’m a dad with two small kids; I can’t afford to take a fall.  That being said, I am most comfortable using gear 3.

Even though my riding speed increases on an electric board, the braking mechanism makes this board feel safer than a traditional longboard.

The XWay is a definite keeper. Exway…more like Yes Way!

Final Thoughts about the X1 Max Hub

Riding the X1 Max Hub

We loved testing this board and look forward to riding it as much as possible. Yet, there is no such thing as a perfect board, and we found just a couple flaws. For example, the board is a little louder than we hoped for.

Plus, the deck was a little high and hard to get used to at first. OK, we’re nitpicking here, but as we ride it more, we may discover other things we like and dislike. We’ll be sure to update this review and keep you posted.

For now, this board gets very high marks from the team at Concrete Surfers.



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