AC Electric Skateboard Review: An Electric Skateboard Geared at Kids and Young Adults

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

AC Electric Skateboard













  • Layered maple and bamboo wood construction adds durability and flexibility
  • 90mm brushless hub wheels for use as manual skateboard
  • Can hold kids and young adults up to 300 lbs.
  • 350w motor is optimized up to 17 mph on flat surfaces
  • Reliable Samsung lithium-ion battery
  • Quick recharge cycle at 2.5 hours
  • Modest 10 mile battery range
  • Costs a fraction of competitors


  • Does not come with a standard warranty
  • Not designed for everyday commuting
  • Is not waterproof

Electric skateboards are becoming more popular, even as purists try to dilute the influence this new form of transportation has on the competitive community overall. Even as some long-time skateboarders and longboarders show trepidation towards these so-called “eboards,” young people are growing more and more accustomed to what these enhanced models can bring to the table.

Specifically, models like the AC Electric Skateboard are capable of providing enhanced speeds beyond what manual operation alone can accomplish – up to 17 mph and beyond! These technological improvements don’t come at the cost of durability, as boards like the AC Electric Skateboard are built from comparable maple and bamboo woods.

While electric skateboards in general are designed for transportation purposes, the AC Electric Skateboard in particular has been designed to meet the needs of young people who use their boards primarily for recreational purposes. As such, it provides a user-friendly set of operational settings and a simplified motor to handle flat surfaces with ease.

When it comes to buying an electric skateboard for a young person in your life, the AC Electric Skateboard is a great choice. Though it has a couple of faults, this model’s modest price tag should make it plenty inviting to shoppers working on a budget.

Key Features


For a consumer-focused model, the AC Electric Skateboard is fairly durable when it comes to its core construction. For example, this model features a unique wood deck that is made up of sandwiched layers of maple and bamboo rather than a solid piece of wood. This layered arrangement keeps the board sturdy enough to carry up to 200 lbs. yet still flexible enough to dampen lateral shocks to the board.

Though technically a component of the larger motor system, the AC Electric Skateboard also includes brushless hubs in each of its wheels. This ends up playing an important role in the overall construction because this model can also operate fully and comfortably without power as a manual skateboard. As such, this model has been constructed as an effective 2-in-1.

Motor & Technology

Many eboards brag about their exceptional motor capacity, especially when they are trying to court a professional or competitive audience. The AC Electric Skateboard isn’t trying to punch above its class, making it ideal for young riders who only need a bit of motorized capacity. At 350w, this model’s motor can perform well on flat surfaces at speeds up to its 17 mph.

Of note, this model comes with three operational modes that are accessible from the wireless remote control. These modes – slow, moderate, and fast – have been geared to provide modified acceleration for riders of different skill levels. As such, young first-time riders won’t be in exceptional danger on the AC Electric Skateboard.

Battery & Charging

Charging the AC Electric Skateboard is a fairly quick affair, taking only 2.5 hours from end to end. This is made possible through a reliable 36V lithium-ion battery from Samsung, lending a degree of trusted credibility to this board as a whole. This battery can be easily replaced as necessary, with appropriate Samsung batteries available at most popular battery retailers.

The AC Electric Skateboard holds a charge pretty well while in action, allowing its rider to travel up to 10 miles before it needs a recharge. That’s more than enough to cover most children’s daily capacity for riding on this electric skateboard.

Bonus Features

While the AC Electric Skateboard isn’t big on bonus features in the traditional sense, it does come with a few noteworthy add-ons that may convince you more fully that this is the best model for your child. For example, this eboard comes standard with all of the appropriate tools needed to maintain the wheels and deck over the long-term.

Also, this model’s affordable price tag is a feature all of its own given that it clocks in at around 1/5 the price of some of its competitors. Parents who are reluctant to invest in a major piece of equipment based on their child’s momentary interest shouldn’t feel put off by this price tag, in other words.


All in all, the AC Electric Skateboard really is one of the top eboard options for young people and folks looking to jump into motorized skateboarding at an entry level. With a modest 350w motor and generous 300 lbs. weight capacity, this board can handle riders of any size on most flat surfaces without complaint.

Unlike many other eboards in its price class, the AC Electric Skateboard isn’t a flimsy piece of junk that will break after a single hard fall. This model’s hybrid maple and bamboo deck is flexible yet resilient, allowing riders to use it fully, both with and without power. This model’s brushless hubs especially help in the latter regard, ensuring this 2-in-1 board remains useful at all times.

With three operation options, parents can feel at ease providing this eboard to their kids. These young people can learn as they go, increasing their speed cap slowly as they become better adjusted to the format. Taken together with its core functions, the AC Electric Skateboard really should be the first choice when buying a motorized skateboard for a young person.

How Does It Compare?

Though it is primarily designed as an entry-level model, the AC Electric Skateboard isn’t alone in the larger motorized skateboard market. These are just a few of the model’s that are often compared to the AC Electric Skateboard, so take some time to compare each side-by-side to find which model best suits your specific budget and operational needs:

AC Electric Skateboard vs teamgee H5

If the AC Electric Skateboard is considered an entry-level eboard, then the teamgee H5 should be considered the next step up in terms of performance. While the AC Electric Skateboard only includes a 350w motor that can handle flat roads, the H5 includes a 760w engine that can even tackle some hills.

Both models include brushless wheel hubs, indicating that they both work as effective manual boards. However, the H5 gains the slight upper hand for those using their board for transportation, as its deck and battery waterproofing are simply unmatched in the AC Electric Skateboard. Read our review

AC Electric Skateboard vs Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus

Though these two are sometimes compared online, the AC Electric Skateboard and Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus are simply not alike in terms of performance. While the Spadger’s 900w motor is in the same class as the AC’s 760w motor, the latter cannot compare to the former when it comes to climbing hills up to a 25% incline.

The Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus can also kick up to 23 mph, a major upgrade from the 17 mph AC Electric Skateboard. As such, the Spadger is best-suited for folks who are more comfortable longboarding at high speeds before ever moving to a motorized model.

AC Electric Skateboard vs Riptide R1X

The AC Electric Skateboard and the Riptide R1X also occasionally appear in the same lists online, likely due to their shared classification as general-purpose eboards. That being said, the Riptide R1X is simply more powerful in terms of base capabilities, exemplified in it exceptional 14 mile battery range.

However, the Riptide R1X also costs nearly five times as much as the AC Electric Skateboard, making it a major investment. Parents looking for an affordable eboard for their kids should steer well clear of the Riptide R1X and opt instead for a reasonably priced model like the AC Electric Skateboard.


With the motorized skateboard craze beginning to heat up, the AC Electric Skateboard is well-positioned to become a widely recognized model that many aspiring boarders learn the ropes upon. This model can’t be called a beginner board alone, though, given that its layered wood deck is built with the same durability as pricier professional models.

Altogether, the AC Electric Skateboard is an eboard that deserves more attention given its ability to fill a crucial market niche without putting its owners out a massive sum of cash. Parents looking for their child’s first electric skateboard should definitely put the AC Electric Skateboard at the top of their list, rather than wasting extra money on a fractionally more powerful board.