Boosted Board Stealth Review: The Tesla of The eBoards

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Boosted Board Stealth













  • Very fast
  • 5 riding modes
  • High-quality deck
  • Reverse mode
  • Apple friendly
  • Great App


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Can’t switch between speed modes on the go

There is no such thing as the best electric board. It is all a matter of your taste and priorities. Is it the speed that you are looking for? The range? Or maybe a cool design? We can tell you which board is the fastest, but only you can decide which one is best for you.

What we can do is tell you all about the most popular eboards out there and see how they compare.

Boosted boards are some of the most popular eboards on the market, however their greatest creation yet is probably the Stealth. While the design is basically the same as that of the previous models, there is a lot that sets this board apart.

This is the fastest Boosted board to date, with a new record speed of 24 mph and a 14-mile range. It is also the most expensive though. The questions to ask is whether or not it is worth overpaying and what else it brings to the table beside the improved speed.

In general, Boosted boards are known for their accessibility and effortless riding experience. While the Stealth might look like a ride for pros at first glance, it has to be said that it is pretty beginner-friendly as well.

Top features

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest features of Boosted Board Stealth.

Go Hyper with the Fifth Riding Mode

The Stealth really comes to life when you switch to its fifth “Hyper Mode”. Hyper mode lets you ride the board at 24 mph. However, it’s highly recommended that you get used to the board before going full-speed. The box even comes with lots of warnings and safety tips about riding it.

There is no need to freak out though. With 5 gradual power levels, it is pretty easy to get accustomed to the board. The first four levels are just like those on other Boosted boards: Beginner, Eco, Expert and Pro.


For all you Apple fans out there, here’s some great news. The Boosted Board Stealth can be connected to your Apple device via Bluetooth with the Boosted iPhone app. The app can be used not only to switch between modes giving you an estimate range, but also to record rides, check battery life, update firmware and share data with friends.

It is true that you can do most of these with the board remote as well, but let’s admit it, we grownups love our toys, too.

You can also connect the board to your Apple watch for quick display of current speed and battery life.

Drop the speed – Brake – and all the way back…

One of the great features on the Stealth board is the reverse feature. So, you brake gradually as you ride and once the board comes to a complete stop, you can make the board go backward by pushing the control wheel further back. I’m not surprised if your first thought is what’s that even for, but once you go reverse, you never go back. It can come in handy in a lot of situations; for example, when you need to get out of someone’s way. And it is these little things that make the difference.

Technical specs


The Stealth 38-inch deck is built in-house by Boosted. This snowboard-inspired Gen3 poplar and fiberglass composite deck with vibration dampening foam and polymer reinforced sidewalls is definitely a novelty in the eboard industry.

The fiberglass finish gives the board a glossy look. The delicate concave supports the rider and the camber in the middle of the board gives it all the flex that it needs. The deck on this board is not just extremely strong, but super beautiful as well.

What I love about Boosted boards is that you can see how much attention the manufacturers pay to every single detail. Even the charging port cover is flawless. It does not get all floppy after just a few charges.

All these flawless parts and consistent quality is what makes the Boosted boards so popular.

Another highlight of the Stealth board is that there is zero battery sag.

Remote Control

Boosted went for a “less is more” philosophy when designing the remote for the board. It does not even have an LCD screen. However, I am not 100% convinced that it’s a bad thing.

This remote design has worked for Boosted and its customers for years; otherwise, they would have changed it by now. With all these super hi-tech remotes with screens and lots of buttons, it is quite easy to get distracted when riding the board. Making it unsafe for both riders and others.

The remote has one all-purpose button and a thumb-wheel. The button allows you to turn the board on and off and switch between speed modes. And the LED system shows the battery life, the connectivity, which ride mode you’re in and the remote battery life.

The only downside of the remote is probably the fact that you can’t switch between the speed modes on the go.

Ride Experience

The Boosted Board Stealth ESC and remote are in perfect sync with each other. Therefore, the acceleration and braking on the board are as smooth as it gets. With a simple thumbwheel that has a lot of room to rotate, you can really feel the board as you adjust the throttle.

The App

The Boosted app truly shines as well. Compared to many other apps, it is much more personalized and actually useful. By inputting your personal metrics like weight, riding surface and riding style, the app gives you very precise information. It shows you how much range you get per each mode.

This can come in very handy when trying to decide whether you can afford to go full-speed back home or if you have to stick to the Eco mode this time.

It also lets you record the ride and even sends you a notification once the board is fully charged.

Let’s see how it stacks against competitors

There is no doubt that Boosted Board Stealth is an outstanding eboard that will make you fall in love with riding; however, let’s not forget that it is pretty pricey compared to some of the other options with similar specs. So, before making up your mind, here are some similar boards to consider.

Boosted Board Stealth vs PHOENIX RYDERS P6 “Dragon”

Never judge a book by its cover! Okay, maybe at first look Phoenix Ryders eboard might not look as sophisticated as the Stealth board, but it is even faster (25 mph). This dual 500 W Hub motor board also has a greater range of up to 18.6 miles. And you are only paying a third of the price for it.

The 8 layers northeast maple deck is not as impressive as that of the Stealth board though. And compared to the 5 riding modes of Boosted board, it only has 2 modes.

Phoenix Ryders board comes with great remote control that also features the reverse mode.

For the price, Phoenix Ryders board definitely has some impressive specs, but it’s not as polished and perfected as the Boosted Board Stealth.

Boosted Board Stealth vs Exway X1 Pro Dual Hub Motor

As far as the looks go, Exway X1 is a strong competitor to the Stealth board. It also has this sleek futuristic design. But it lacks that curve that the Boosted board has.

The X1 is a little faster than the Stealth and has a top speed of 29 mph. It also exceeds the Boosted board in range just by 2 miles.

This Exway board is probably a better option for those who have to climb tough hills on everyday routes as it has a hill grade of 30%; 5% more than the Stealth board.

The two boards have a lot in common, but the Boosted board is a bit more versatile and fun. Read our review

Boosted Board Stealth vs Evolve Bamboo GTX Series

Evolve skateboard excels when it comes to range. You can go up to 31 miles on the street version and up to 18.5 miles on the all-terrain one.

The top speed and hill climb of the board is basically the same as that of the Stealth board.

If you are not a fan of the simple Boosted remote control, you might prefer the Evolve one that comes with LCD digital screen and provides real-time riding data including speed, distance, and board diagnostics. Check out our Bamboo GTX review here. Read our review

To sum up…

The Boosted Board Stealth is definitely not the most budget-friendly eboard option. However, if you are dedicated to riding one then investing a little extra from the beginning might be a smart move. Even if you are a beginner right now, you can really enjoy taking your first steps with this Boosted board and experiment with different riding modes as you get more confident.

All in all, the Stealth board is worth the money as long as you are going to make the most of it. If you are looking for an eboard just to have some fun on weekends, then you might opt for a cheaper option.