Evolve Bamboo GTX review: a ride on the wild side

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

The Bamboo GTX













  • There are 4 drive modes to enjoy
  • The impressive range on a full charge.
  • Easy switching between Street and All-Terrain wheels. Alternatively, you can cruise any hard surface with the 2-in-1 wheels.
  • The vintage longboard shape will allow you to cruise in top-level style and ensure that you draw attention and envy towards you, wherever you ride.


  • It is one of the heaviest electric skateboards on the market at roughly 19lbs.
  • This board is expensive, deciding whether the extras justify the price is down to personal preference.
  • This board is not for beginners. It takes a seasoned rider to handle the power and the speed of the GTX.

The ‘X’ in the name brings to mind “extra” – extra power, extra speed, extra modes.

The unofficial love child of the Evolve Carbon GT and the Bamboo GT, The Evolve Bamboo GTX electric skateboard brings vintage style and carbon strength to the urban adventurer’s travels. Evolve have meticulously designed this series of electric skateboards to cater to a wider range of needs with a sole focus on experienced riders.

If you’re looking to upgrade your ride and test your ever-improving skills, this board will facilitate that journey.

The Bamboo GTX on paper:

The hint is in the name, but just how much “extra” are you getting? Let’s weigh up the specs and see what kind of performance it will give you.

The Evolve Bamboo GTX difference – does it really give you “extra”?

The board offers a great riding experience for seasoned riders. It packs a real punch with that speed capability – you’ll never get bored. Alongside that, its (rather immense) power justifies the needs for ABS braking and slightly longer-than-usual charge time for an above-average range.

Whether you’re seeking a board for your morning commute or a street-smart way to get around town on a Saturday morning, the Evolve is probably going sing you hymns of speed and smoothness.

This board is not for newbies, if you’re still finding your feet, the GTX will probably run away with you – both its price tag and its specs are mid-top tier.

A closer look at the Evolve Bamboo GTX

Ease of use:

The Evolve GT Series remote gives you a lot of control in one hand. There is no super HD touchscreen or other luxury features you may enjoy with other brands in this price range.

Who will enjoy the Evolve Bamboo GTX?

With this much speed and power coming from the dual-core electric motors, it attracts thrill-seekers like moths to super-exciting flames. It’s designed to work for those seeking to commute daily.

The traditional boarders who fancy the odd kickflip/ollie, when the opportunity presents, should keep shopping – it’s not designed for tricks. It’s a cruiser – call it the Harley Davidson of the skateboard world.

The weight and length make sharp maneuvers a bit of a pain.

Tackling hills

25% gradient incline capabilities in GT mode. Remember, frigid temperatures will affect this.


The GTX offers ABS firm and smooth braking, providing power back into the battery and giving you maximum control over your speed. If need be, these brakes can bring you to a complete stop, adding to the safety features.


Evolve have some great accessories and merch for purchase from most of their distributors, including but not limited to:

The deck build

Bamboo, Canadian Maple, and Carbon.


Evolve have registered distributors and quality support centers in major cities around the world. This well-established brand really has got you covered.

That said, the refund/returns policies are quite strict coming from the distributors. Most of them have a 30-day refund/return policy with some pretty intense guidelines attached.


With a massive single battery charge range of between 21 and 31 miles, this longboard is not only perfect for hobbyists and thrill-seekers, but also for daily commuting.

With electrically powered modes of transport becoming a preferred option, this longboard definitely offers one of the best ranges in its class.


With a price tag ranging between $1779.99 and $1979.99, the Evolve Bamboo GTX is quite an investment. This is not an entry-level board, as is reflected in the price and the specs. Is it worth the money? Let’s see how it measures up to competitors in its range.

…Let’s compare

There are many electric skateboards on the market, but not many of them fall into the same category as the Evolve Bamboo GTX.

Evolve Bamboo GTX vs. Acton Blink QU4TRO

Both Acton and Evolve have rock-solid reputations within the industry. The Acton brand likes to target budget-friendly folks looking for a reliable ride, whereas Evolve is all about that ‘Mercedes luxury’ with their vintage flair.

When it comes to prices, the Acton comes in lower than the Evolve with minimal difference in specs.

The product and parts availability for Acton (12 countries) do not come close to that of the Evolve (24 countries) distributors.

It’s about your personal preference: practicality? Blink is your board. Luxury and all the extras? Evolve all the way. Read our review

Evolve Bamboo GTX vs. RIPTIDE R1X

The GTX is a “longboard” style and the R1X is a “shortboard”. One is for cruising and the other is for quick maneuvers.

In short, both boards attract different kinds of riders. If we had to compare these boards spec for spec (not taking the style into consideration), the GTX does come out slightly more powerful- it shows in the price comparison.

These are 2 very different boards, used for 2 different things.

The GTX favors the riders who want speed and power, and the R1X is for the riders who want light-weight agility. Read our review

Evolve Bamboo GTX vs. Liftboard Dual Motor

The Liftboard Dual comes in at a much lower price than the GTX, which is evident in the specs.

The Liftboard has 2 motors and puts out a top speed of almost 19mph compared to the Evolve’s 26 mph.

If you’re looking for power and speed, the Evolve Bamboo GTX would be a clear winner over the budget-friendly Liftboard Dual Motor. Read our review

To sum it up…

It may be challenging to decide whether the board is worth the price tag. Consider your needs and preferences – its specs certainly are impressive but they would only justify the price if those are the specs you value most. Answer the following questions to give yourself clarity:

If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions, then the Evolve Bamboo GTX should be a top contender when deciding which board to buy.