Evolve Carbon GT Review: Your Long-lasting Ride

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Evolve Carbon GT













  • Impressive deck
  • Great range
  • 2-in-1 wheels
  • Good turning radius
  • Controller with LCD screen


  • No reverse mode
  • Pricey

Skateboarding is no longer simply a sport for kids. As more and more electric boards are introduced, people are leaving their cars at home and hopping on these futuristic inventions instead.

Eboards are not only super fun, but also a rather smart and comfortable way to escape all those crazy traffic jams. Whether it is everyday work commute or quick errand runs around the neighborhood, electric skateboards can save you a lot of time.

Evolve Carbon GT is one of the most impressive eboards out there right now. With up to 31 miles range this board can take you far. When you look at the evolution of the Evolve boards you can actually see that they have done a lot of work from the first model release back in 2012.

This Australian brand is amazing when it comes to creating flawless designs with no protruding parts, making their boards look minimal and sleek.

Top specs

While we would love to get into all the technical specs of the Evolve Carbon GT right away, let’s first go over some of the distinctive features of the board.

2 in 1

One of the best aspects about the GT board is that you can switch between street and all-terrain wheels with ease, making it your go-to board no matter where you’re heading to.

You can purchase all-terrain wheels separately and swap them out if you’re planning to ride a rougher track. While this might sound like a headache, Evolve actually did its best to make the process as simple as possible.

All you have to change are the wheels; you don’t have to get into trucks or hangers. Both wheels work on the same parts. All in all, it takes about 5-10 minutes.

On all terrain mode, the range drops to 18 miles, which is still pretty great for an electric skateboard. What matters the most is that it’s always great to have the option to choose and switch in case of need.

The range

What users love the most about this Evolve board is usually the range. With a 31 mile range, you can travel around the city with a lot of confidence, especially compared to some of the expensive electric boards that only offer 12-15 mile range.

This can really help you decide whether or not it’s worth investing in such a pricey board. You can easily substitute public transportation or a car with Evolve GT for work commuting.

Fantastic turning radius

Riding electric skateboards can get a little tricky if there are a lot of turns in your area. However, you won’t have an issue with Evolve Carbon GT. Wherever you go, the board follows. The turning radius of the board is truly impressive, especially taking into consideration that it is by far not the shortest.

The speed board

With a top speed of 26 miles, Evolve Carbon GT is one of the fastest electric boards out there. While there might be even faster boards available on the market when it comes to stability the GT exceeds your expectations.

On a lot of boards, when you are going full speed, you can feel that you’re slowly losing control over them. However, with this Evolve board even at top speed, it is absolutely stable.

The rigidity of the board really minimizes the wobble or flex, no matter how fast you’re going. So, if you love to race through the streets, this board is one of your most trustworthy options.

Time to see what the board is actually made of…

The Build

The first thing you notice when looking at the Evolve Carbon GT is its impressive carbon fiber deck. Besides being really sturdy, it is truly a piece of art.

The cover of the deck is made of heavy grip tape that gives the rider a feeling of real confidence, especially on those steep hills. The glossy carbon fiber back of the board immediately displays the amount of work and high-quality material that was put into creating this long-lasting piece.

Compared to bamboo boards, the GT version is pretty stiff. While this creates great responsiveness, riders who are more into flexy boards might feel a little limited. However, once you get used to it, you might find it hard to go back to that flex that you were so used to before.

The double kingpin truck design is yet another detail that makes this Evolve board so special. As a result, you can take the turns much faster and at much tighter angles. This can make a great difference for those who have to squeeze through narrow crowded streets on a regular basis.

Skateboarders who love downhill riding and sliding will be happy to hear that the street wheels on GT board really cater to their preferences. Those who are more into carving might be a bit disappointed as the board feels somehow loose when you carve too hard.

The good news, as mentioned, is that you have the option to switch to all-terrain wheels on the Carbon GT. These massive wheels will give you all the steadiness you want for carving. The all-terrain wheels will also provide more confidence as you’ll be locked to the ground even further and any bump or rock on the way will be close to impossible to feel.

Replacing wheels takes about 10 minutes. Some practice will definitely make the process much simpler and faster, but it’s still somehow not immediate.

The Controller

The controller that comes with the Evolve Carbon GT board is not your regular 2-3 button device. Instead, it has an LCD screen that displays lots of useful info like the current speed, distance traveled, battery life and riding mode.

You can also change certain settings on the board with the controller, which makes it quite useful for skaters who like to play around with their ride modes.

The device fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has a good grip so that you don’t lose it when going full speed.

You don’t get an LCD screen with all high-tech electric boards, so that’s definitely a plus. The controller comes in a special case to make sure the screen is not scratched or damaged during shipment.

The only thing that the GT controller lacks is probably the reverse mode. Instead of going backward, the board just gradually comes to a full stop.

Evolve Carbon GT is without a doubt a high-quality electric board, but to make a truly great choice, you should consider all your options. Here are just some of them that really stand out compared to it.

Let’s compare

Evolve Carbon GT vs Exway X1 Pro Dual Hub Motor

This Exway board looks pretty similar to the Evolve GT model with smooth lining, cover, and shiny design. However, Exway is definitely much cheaper.

What you have to decide is whether it’s worth paying double for all those extra features that the Carbon GT has to offer. With double the price, you get double the range. Exway board has a limited range of only 16 miles.

However, it has to be noted that the Exway board has a better top speed of 29 mph, which comes as a surprise.

Other than the range, the Exway X1 is surely a worthy competitor to the Evolve GT. It can climb 30% incline hills with ease and sports quality 85mm wheels. Read our review

Evolve Carbon GT vs Miles Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for something more fun and simple cause you’re dipping your toes into eboards, you can also consider a Miles eboard. The board is on the cheaper side, but still offers a top speed of up to 20 mph, which is pretty good for both beginners and pros.

The board has a 100% Japanese Carbon Fiber deck and brushless hub motor that makes it quite responsive.

The climbing grade ability of the board is up to 20% compared to 25% on the Evolve board. So, if you’ve got some hills to conquer, it might be worth overpaying a little for the GT.

Evolve Carbon GT vs Evolve Bamboo GTX 2-in-1

It is interesting to see what else Evolve has to offer to its customers. Another popular Evolve eboard is the Bamboo GTX that also comes with 2 types of wheels, all-terrain, and street.

At almost the same price, both boards have an impressive 31-mile range on the street version and 18.5 on the all-terrain one. Same goes for the speed and incline, Bamboo GTX and Carbon GT both have a max speed of 26 mph.

So, the question is what makes these boards so different from each other. The answer is pretty simple. Besides the design, it is the flex of the Bamboo GTX that makes all the difference. Read our review

To sum up…

Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric board is definitely an impressive piece of tech that can actually take you far. It does a great job tackling steep hills and at a great speed. And with the range like that, it is pretty hard to compete with it.