Inboard M1 Review: The “Supercar” of eBoards

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Inboard M1 Review













  • Sturdy and lightweight design
  • Swappable batteries
  • Regenerative braking
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Approved for air travel
  • Splash resistant with an IP54 rating.


  • Not the best ride range
  • Not recommended for beginners

While at first glance all electric skateboards might look the same, it is not just the design that makes the difference. Every single detail matters when you know what to look for exactly.

Your ride experience is affected by the board’s stiffness, its range, maximum speed, battery, and even the design.

The Inboard M1 will grab your attention from the very first second. It has a super high-tech design that will make you feel like you are about to travel into the future as soon as you step onto it.

Inboard is generally a brand for enthusiasts. While they call the M1 a board for everyone, it is the professional riders that will probably get the most out of the board.

Inboard has been advancing its boards since they first appeared on the market in 2014. And the

Inboard M1 is a great example of that. They have added lots of premium features that set the board apart from its competition.

Let’s have a look at some of the most distinguishable features of the Inboard M1.

Introducing the Swappable Battery

The M1’s battery design is what impressed me the most about this board. It has the same 7-mile range as the Boosted Board. While this is not revolutionary, what’s exciting is that the battery can be swapped out for a fully charged one in the blink of your eyes. And the battery itself is charged by a magnetic charger.

All you have to do is pop the hatch open by twisting the handle, remove the battery and place a new one inside a cavity in the top of the board. Changing the battery really takes just a minute.

So, basically, there is no range limit on the M1 as long as you are willing to carry another battery pack or two around with you. And the good news is that they are pretty compact, so you can keep the spare ones in your backpack.

This feature makes the Inboard M1 an ideal board for those who have to travel long distances with the board. It is hard to go back to the boards with built-in batteries once you’ve tried out the M1.

Insider’s tip: take out the battery at night or when not using the board – it further saves its life.

LED Lights – Higher Levels of Safety

The Inboard M1 comes with headlights and taillights. It not only makes the board extra safe, but also improves your visibility on the road. The rear lights brighten when braking.

If you are not into the LED lights you can switch them off using the app. However, having them on is recommended at all times, especially at night to help others see you.

Easy to roll as a regular skateboard

We talked a lot about how with swappable batteries on the M1 board you should never run out of power, however, if you do you can still ride the board and actually enjoy doing so.

The Inboard M1 does not have a belted drive, which means its wheels rotate freely. So, once the battery is dead, the M1 turns into a traditional skateboard, while still looking like a sports “car”.

These are some of our favorite features of the Inboard M1. However, these are definitely not everything the board has to offer. It is time to look at all the specs of this premium electric board and see where it shines.

Basics Specs

Overall, the M1 board ticks all the boxes and you can’t really say that it fails in any element. The weight of the board is about 14 pounds and can support riders with a maximum weight of 280 lbs. The board comes with the REV wheels with 80 mm diameter.

The board is pretty resistant thanks to the addition of the dual trucks mechanism that provides extra protection from wear and tear.

The maximum speed of the board is 22 mph with a 7-mile range.

Design & Deck

I like to start my detailed reviews with the design and deck as it is the first thing you truly notice. The M1 sports a 37.5” deck. All black design gives it extra fancy and sophisticated look.

If you are not into black, you will be excited to know that Inboard also comes in “M1 Artist Series”. These are handcrafted boards that come in various colorful designs.

The M1 board is made from composite with a core that combines inverted 3D Poplar wood with full sandwich PU sidewalls. In addition to that, Inboard covers its board with a fiberglass sheet.

The same cover is used for premium snowboards. This is one of the reasons why Inboard M1 is a great option even in poor weather conditions. It is splash resistant.

The deck is quite stiff, providing maximum stability at high speeds.

Motor & Range

Let’s move on to what’s inside the board. The dual in-hub motors mean that there are no gears or belt needed to power the board. The result is a smoother acceleration with almost no resistance. So, as discussed previously, Inboard M1 can easily be used as a regular skateboard as well.

The M1 board has a top speed of 22 mph, which is definitely enough for a longboard. Plus, this motor is as quiet as it gets.

Another advantage of the in-hub motor is that it eliminates all the bulky external drive train part. That’s how you get such a sleek design.

The battery used on the Inboard M1 is 43.2v / 97 Wh Lithium-ion batteries providing a 7-mile range.

Ride Modes

The Inboard M1 board has 3 riding modes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The modes differ from each other by their top speed and acceleration. You can switch between the modes as you get more comfortable with the board.


As the M1 board is designed for high-speed fun, Inboard did a great job with providing a quality and reliable brake system. By pulling back on the joystick with the kill switch pulled in you can achieve a very smooth braking motion. While a harder pullback will give you a sharper brake.

Being in control of the brakes is very important when riding on the top speeds. The M1 board definitely provides that feeling of trust when it comes to braking.

Remote Control & App

You get two options when it comes to controlling your M1 board: an ergonomic remote control and a smartphone app.

Let’s start with the remote control. It is one of the best options available on the market nowadays. The controller has an amazing grip that makes holding it effortless throughout the ride. It comes with a special clip allowing you to attach it to your backpack or the board itself.

While the remote controller is quite impressive, it is the app that really dropped my jaw. Compared to the other eboards, you can use the app to control the board directly and not the remote.

The app allows you to adjust various settings, control the LED lights, check battery levels, contact customer support through chat, and download the latest software.

Okay, now that we know that the Inboard M1 is one of the top electric boards, let’s see who else is up there on the same list.

Let’s compare

Inboard M1 vs Boosted Mini X

This Boosted electric board comes at basically the same price as the M1 board. The maximum speed of these 2 boards is also almost the same, but the Inboard beats it by 2 miles. Boosted Mini X has a top speed of 20 mph.

The range, however, is better on the Boosted Mini X. It has an extended range battery that provides a 14-mile range. However, no swappable batteries here. The Boosted Mini X battery takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge fully.

While these 2 boards have a lot in common, the Inboard M1 definitely has some features that place it higher on the chart. Read our review

Inboard M1 vs BACKFIRE G2S 

The first difference that you can notice straight away is the colorful design of this board. Backfire G2S galaxy deck is a statement on its own. Whether it is a pro or con is purely based on your taste. If a fun design is what you are looking for, then you will definitely tilt towards this board.

For half the price of the M1 board, you get the same maximum speed of 12 miles and double the range (15.5 miles on eco riding mode).

The difference between these boards is that the G2S board is super flexible, while the M1 deck is much stiffer. Read our review

Inboard M1 vs Vokul V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

It is interesting to see how the Inboard M1 compares to some of the low-price electric boards.

The Vokul V1 specs come very close to those of the M1. It has a top speed of 13 mph and a 10-mile range.

You also get an ergonomic wireless remote with the V1. While it is not as sophisticated as that of the M1, it is more than enough for a beginner.

So if you are just getting used to riding an eboard and don’t want to spend too much on your first board, Vokul V1 has a lot of the same benefits as the M1 for a much lower price. Read our review.

To sum up…

The Inboard M1 board is a premium electric board that really meets the expectations in all aspects and even exceeds at some of them. The M1 board has a lot of cool features, like swappable battery and LED lights that make it stand out among other electric boards.

While it might not be the cheapest option on the market, it is definitely a worthy investment for the quality you are getting.

Bottom line is that while the M1 board comes with various rider modes, it is still a board for more experienced riders.