Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review: A Great Option for Novices

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021














  • Nice, smooth ride overall
  • Rides great on uneven surfaces
  • Quality maple wood deck
  • Lightweight and portable at 12 pounds


  • Unoriginal design
  • No carrying handles
  • 17 mph top speed should be higher given 1,000 watts of power from the dual motors
  • Range of eight miles is underwhelming

The Maxfind Electric Skateboard is one of many electric skateboards and longboards available today. But is it the right board for you? We’ll review the Maxfind Electric in detail, in an effort to help you learn more about this product and see if it might be your new companion when you’re rolling around the neighborhood.

When purchasing an entry-level e-board, you really can’t go wrong with the Maxfind electric skateboard. It has some really wonderful features, and while it could use work in certain areas, it’s a great place to start if you want to get around town in style. The Maxfind Electric Skateboard could be a perfect pair when used by riders who like to take shorter, more frequent rides and jet from place-to-place in a central locale and bring their board along.

Key Features

Maxfind Skateboard - Max2 Pro Dual Motor, Electric Skateboard with Remote Control, Hub Motors 600W Range, 12 Miles 24mph Top Speed 3 Speed Adjustment Load up to 220 Lbs

Fast-Charging Battery

The Maxfind’s battery carries riders for up to eight miles, a surprisingly low number when looking at some similar boards available by other manufacturers. Fortunately, there is an upside to this, and that’s the relatively quick charging time. While many of the other e-boards on the market today take upwards of two hours, the Maxfind electric skateboard is fully charged and ready to go in just one hour. You may run out of juice quickly, but let’s face it—this board most likely takes a full charge faster than your cell phone.


The Maxfind Electric Skateboard thrives in its ability to be transported just about anywhere. Weighing it at 12 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to easily pick up, or to attach it to a backpack. Maxfind did a solid job keeping the weight down on this classic board, and as a result it is almost certainly one of the lighter e-boards you can get your hands on. In fact, Maxfind claims that this board is the smallest and lightest electric skateboard available in the world.


This board comes with a Samsung 18650 Lithium-ion battery. They generally take 60 minutes to charge. Most users will get about 9 or 10 miles out of them before a recharge is needed. The good news is that these are popular, easy to find batteries in case a replacement is needed.


The Maxfind Electric Skateboard has some appealing features, but it seems to rely too heavily on being small and portable. With a top speed of 17 mph and a range of just eight miles, you have to ask yourself whether or not saving those couple of pounds is worth compromising on speed and range.

While this is a nice enough board that’s simple to use and built with decent qualities of material, it strikes us as a product that could easily be criticized for underperforming. Its black and orange combination and chunky wheels are easy to confuse with many other brands, and though there isn’t necessarily anything bad about this board, per se, it’s clear to see why some people might complain that Maxfind under-delivered on this latest product.

How Does It Compare?

There are plenty of competitors to consider when thinking about picking up a Maxfind electric skateboard. Let’s weigh some of the other options so you can make an educated and informed decision on which electric skateboard is the best option for you.

Maxfind vs WOWGO 2S

The WOWGO 2S has a flexible, sturdy bamboo deck that can hold riders up to 280 pounds. A Samsung battery and dual motor power this electric longboard up to speeds as high as 23.6 mph. Riders control the board using a remote equipped with a throttle wheel for acceleration and braking. The remote’s LCD screen makes it easy to stay in control, with a speed indicator and battery level indicator.  A three-month manufacturer’s warranty rounds out the very decent WOWGO 2s. Read our review

Maxfind vs Meepo Board V2

The standard-length 38-inch deck on the Meepo V2 is an absolute speed demon, using its pair of  motors totaling 800 watts to hit a top speed of 29 mph, which is one of the fastest we’ve seen in the industry to date. Despite its power, the Meepo electric skateboard still gets 11 miles to the charge, casting an enormous shadow over the Maxfind Electric’s 17 mph top speed and 8-mile battery range.

Even at higher speeds, the urethane wheels are designed to provide the user with a smooth riding experience and keep riders in control even when braking. Meepo shows its confidence in its electric skateboard by offering a one-year warranty that protects against mechanical defects.

Some other cool features of the Meepo electric skateboard include: Electronic Speed Control function which deactivates acceleration if the remote battery is dangerously low, as well as a smart start feature that automatically turns the board on when you give it a roll, a lock function, and a gliding deceleration system to slow the board down when the remote is disconnected, rather than a potentially hazardous automatic braking system. Read our review

Maxfind vs TeamGee H5

At a reasonable weight of 14.5 pounds, the TeamGee H5 brings to the table a 22 mph top speed and 11-mile range. A 760-watt dual brushless motor is positioned on the bottom of the board’s deck ultra-thin 0.59-inch deck, which is made of 10 layers of Canadian maple and one layer fiberglass.

The wireless remote control has an LCD screen, and allows riders to change speed and direction with relative ease. Read our review

Maxfind vs Maxfind Max C

Though technically in a smaller class than the Maxfind Electric Skateboard, the Maxfind C takes the lightweight penny board to a new level, weighing in at just over eight pounds. Suitable for riders up to 132 pounds, this board is designed with kids and teens in mind, but if you’re under 132 pounds, it offers a range of 8 miles and a top speed of 14 mph, making it somewhat comparable to the original, full-sized Maxfind Electric Skateboard.

Maxfind vs VOKUL V1

The economical entry-level VOKUL V1 is outfitted with a smaller-than-average 350-watt hub capable of a top speed of 13 miles and a range of up to 10 miles. This board may look fast, and it does hold up to 200 pounds on its seven-ply maple deck, but its power pales in comparison to the competitors’ dual motors, most of which double the V1’s 350-watt output. Read our review.

Maxfind vs BLITZART Tornado

Dual hub motors send the wheels on the Tornado flying, with a maximum speed of 23 mph. At 11 miles, the range does little to turn heads, and the battery takes a fairly average 2.5 hours to charge.

The Tornado comes in a variety of four colors: green, orange, red, and black, with a maple and bamboo deck that withstands a 250-pound max rider weight. Read our review

Maxfind vs Meepo Campus 2.0

Though it’s probably not the best fit for heavier riders, the Meepo Campus 2.0 is one of Maxfind’s most direct competitors in the entry-level board market. A 13-mile range and 18 mph top speed edges out the Maxfind Electric Skateboard, but this board is only designed to operate at its full capacity with riders under 150 pounds.

Maxfind vs 711TEK TeamGee

Two speed modes allow riders to coast at 18.6 mph and cover a distance of as many as 11 miles. At 13.7 pounds, it’s slightly heavier than the Maxfind Electric Skateboard, showing off a super-thin deck made of a maple wood and fiberglass blend.

Maxfind vs Maxfind Max-2

The Maxfind Electric Skateboard’s older brother has an improved range of 16 miles and has a top speed of 23 mph. Two color options (all-black and black with orange wheels) give this board a sportier look.


With so many of the Maxfind electric skateboard’s falling into the category of average, it just doesn’t seem to be enough to rely on the board’s relatively lightweight features. Most other boards out there are relatively portable, and even Maxfind has some offerings that many people would agree eclipse this mostly forgettable electric skateboard.

There’s nothing terrible about the Maxfind electric skateboard, but there also aren’t any really worthwhile features that have blown us away, and we can’t seem to get away from the fact that the range of 8 miles and 17 mph top speed evoke a big yawn from many users.