Meepo Board V2 Review: Best Value for Money Electric Skateboard in 2019?

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Meepo Board V2 Review













  • A large comfortable deck
  • Smart turn-on
  • Powerful motor
  • Long 11-mile range
  • Ideal for high speeds and steep uphill ride
  • Lock function can completely stop/park on a slope, allowing riders to start on a slope.
  • 4 ride modes


  • V2 motor urethane sleeves are not replaceable
  • Not as reliable in cold weather conditions (under -5 °C)

The Meepo Board V2 is one of the most affordable, and at the same time performant, electric skateboards on the market right now. Whether you are an electric skateboard old timer or just starting out, this electric board has some great features that might grab your attention.

What users love the most about the V2 is that it’s not only great for fun, but also a pretty useful and handy way to get to work or anywhere around a busy metropolitan city, where traffic jams can easily kill your wish to get out of the door in the morning.

Meepo has come a long way since the business launched, with the most powerful motors yet and a much smoother riding experience.

Key features

Let’s dig deeper

The battery

The board comes in 2 battery options Standard or Tesla, which gives it +10 km range. The standard battery is a Samsung 20R, which is a pretty good deal already. For best performance, the 800 W dual motor needs about 24 Amps of continuous current.

These batteries can provide up to 44 Amps, so basically, almost twice as much as needed. The full charging time of the board is 2 hours.

The hardware

Not much has changed here. You still get a fully Canadian maple deck (38 inches) and the boosted-style split enclosure systems. The comfortable concave gives the board all the flexibility it needs, while making it very easy to maneuver on longer rides as well.

The Design

If you are into black, then this board is definitely your cup of tea. The all black deck gives it a very sleek and polished look.

With rough touches like build number, the model is a perfect mix of futuristic and funky. While Meepo is on the list of budget electronic boards, you won’t be able to tell it by its design.

The specs

While you’ll be riding the board most of the time, you might still come across situations where you’ll have to carry it.

Even with a pretty heavy battery pack and a big motor installed on it, the board only weighs 17.8 lbs (8.1 kg) and with a built-in handle, You’ll still manage to carry it around comfortably.

The new remote

Probably the biggest step up from the previous Meepo models, it’s the super sophisticated remote.

To start off, it’s got an enhanced LED lighting system that also indicates battery level and speed mode. It features 4-speed modes – beginner, eco, expert, and pro. You can change between the modes on the go, without stopping which is pretty cool.

The remote has special “skills” to make the board as safe as possible. For example, when disconnected, the board will glide instead of enabling automatic brakes, which is not something that you would want to happen when going downhill full speed.

Accidents are also prevented by a new feature, where the ESC controller deactivates acceleration during low power modes. You can be sure that it won’t shut off mid-ride in case you’re running out of power.

Smart turn-on

Those of us who are always late to work realize how important every second of the morning is. The board turns on automatically when pushed. Huge plus.

Lock function

Slopes are definitely fun, but they can be really tricky even for the pros. The new lock function makes the V2 great for beginners or simply those who have to deal with slopes

How does it stack up to competitors?

If it is your first time buying an electronic board, then these features might not tell you much unless you compare them to other available options on the market. Let’s see what else is out there.

WALNUTT Spectra Skateboard Advanced

The Walnutt Spectra skateboard is almost half the weight of the Meepo. So, it can be a more suitable option for those who don’t necessarily want to ride the board all day, but would still like to carry it around.

It weighs around 11.4 lbs. But don’t get too excited about the speed cause that’s where the Meepo V2 shines. The max speed of this board is only 15.5 mph compared to the Meepo’s 29 mph. So, it is basically all about your priorities here.

Other than that, the Walnutt Spectra has some great features like the hands-free 3D Posture Control.

With the built-in AI System, you get pressure sensors and an intelligent algorithm analyzing how you ride and adjusting accordingly, which allows you to control Spectra hands-free by shifting your weight.

Also, it is very easy to charge the board with a specifically-designed MagCharger. You can just snap it on to the charging port without tangled up charging cables.

While the Spectra board does not come with a fancy remote like the Meepo one, the eBoard Go App allows you to control the board through your phone.

With 3 ride modes, this skateboard is suitable for beginners and pros equally, but it does not offer as a wide riding range as the Meepo does.

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Known as the thinnest e-skateboard, Teamgee H5 board is definitely a contender on this list.

It does look like a regular longboard at a first glance, kudos to the designers for a great job at hiding the battery and two powerful motors inside the deck. The two motors of 380 W give the board almost as much speed and power as that of Meepo.

Both boards have the same riding range of 11 miles. It’s weird how being one of the thinnest electric boards on the market it’s still pretty heavy at 14.5 lbs.

The board comes with a digital LCD screen remote with speed indicator, cruising mode, battery display and LED flashlight. One downside of the board is that it’s only got two-speed modes.

If you tend to ride a lot in colder weather conditions, this might be a more suitable option for you as the operating temperature of the board is as low as -15 °C. Read our review

BLITZART Tornado 38″

If you love skateboarding and are thinking of switching to an electric board, this might be the perfect option for you. The Blitzart Tornado can be used as a regular skateboard as well.

This electric board has the same max range of up to 11 miles as most of the other high-performance e-skateboards. However, it does take a little longer to charge – about 3.5 hours.

The 700 W dual hub-motor gives the board an impressive top speed of 23 mph.

The Blitzart Tornado has an impressive board design with an 8 layer deck consisting of 6-ply maple wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo. The grip tape makes sure you have a firm grip on the board at all times.

What makes Blitzart board stand out is its versatility. You can match the board to your outfits or mood with easily replaceable accessories. Read our review

Maxfind Dual Hub Motors

This Maxfind board is the Batmobile of the electric skateboards. Just have one look at it and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The super sleek design is definitely a big pro of this product.

When it comes to max speed it does not disappoint either. With the 1000 W dual hub motor and in wheel BLDC (BrushLess DC Motor), the board has a max speed of 23 mph.

It also comes with a remote hand controller to adjust speed and choose cruise modes.

The Maxfind wins the prize here when it comes to range; it has a max range of up to 17 miles, beating Meepo by 6 full miles. It has a big capacity (4400 mAh, 36 V) LG battery that can be fully recharged in 2 hours. So, if you have long distances to cover, consider going with Maxfind electric skateboard. Read our review

In conclusion…

While Meepo board V2 might not be the cheapest option on the market, it’s definitely worth every penny.

For a budget board, you get some amazing features that even more expensive options do not have. And don’t get me started on the design – It looks way pricier than it actually is.