WowGo Knight Review: The best cheap electric skateboard?

by Chris | Last Updated: September 8, 2021

WowGo Knight













  • ESC is awesome
  • Mild-flex deck
  • Smooth braking
  • Belt or hub motor configuration available


  • Might not be super sexy
  • Bumpy on poorly paved roads

The popularity of electric skateboards has grown in the last few years, especially in cities and metropolitan areas. In many cases, they allow you to get to work quickly and give you a sense of freedom while doing it. 

If you’re just starting out looking for an electric skateboard, you may be confused about the features and what you really need to start getting around. 

With the WowGo Knight, you can begin your electric skateboard journey without forking over a ton of money. This will help you get used to riding before moving onto a more expensive option.

The WowGo Knight might be the best option for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive board that is still pretty high-quality. 

WowGo Knight electric skateboard

Key features 

3 features make the WowGo Knight stand out against other inexpensive boards. They are the electronic speed controller, its speed, and the long battery life. 

Hobbywing ESC

The ESC (electronic speed controller) allows the board to turn on automatically when you turn on the remote. This is just one of the smart features that the board has that will make your ride more convenient. And it’s something even more expensive boards like the Backfire G3 don’t have!

Being a Hobbywing ESC also means it gives you greater control when it comes to acceleration and braking. This is especially important if you are a new rider, because it will help build your confidence. 

WowGo Knight ESC


Some people assume that an inexpensive board won’t be able to have the same acceleration and speeds as their more expensive counterparts. 

The Knight can reach a top speed of about 39kmh or 24mph. This is all most newbies need (and more). However, if you are an experienced rider just looking for another board, this might not be the best option. 

The speed is still pretty high though considering the budget. For getting to and from work or just having fun around the city, this speed is perfect. 

What about the battery life?

WowGo’s battery is slightly better than the batteries of other boards. It uses the Samsung 25R, while most other boards go with the Samsung 20R. 

It is in a 10s2p setting which is about 5AH or 180wh. The range states it should be about 12 miles (20kmh). 

What does this mean?

Simply put, the battery will last slightly longer and be slightly more powerful than the batteries in other inexpensive boards. Add this to the insanely low price and you’ve got a really sweet deal here. 

Main specs

In-depth review: what are the top features?

Some features of the WowGo people just can’t seem to stop talking about. Even seasoned riders are impressed by the quality of a board relatively this inexpensive. 

Dealing with motors 

You may see that the motors are listed as 540W. How does this wattage compare to other motors?

For starters, most entry-level boards only have motors with 400W hubs. The higher motor wattage helps the board hit its targeted speed of 24mph. 

What should I look for in a deck?

The right deck matters, especially when you are riding for the first time. The WowGo Knight has a 38-inch deck completely made out of 8 ply real Canadian maple. 

It is slightly flexible with a mild concave. Having a highly flexible board is usually better for expert riders because they are used to angling themselves and controlling the board. 

However, stiff decks can be gruesome for new riders as well because you want to learn how to maneuver and ride easily. 

So, overall, this slight flexibility should give you the surface and confidence you need to ride. The only downside might be the look and feel which are personal. 


Unlike many other electric boards, the WowGo Knight has a carrying handle. This means you won’t have to tuck the board under your arm when not riding it. 

This could be a beneficial addition if you are planning to commute with the board or use it to run into the local market or restaurant. The WowGo Knight weight is just under 17 pounds, which should make it super easy to carry with the handle. 

WowGo Knight handle

Clone trucks 

WowGo models their trucks for the Knight based on Paris trucks. They aren’t as good as the real ones, but they are pretty close considering the budget for this board. 

The clone trucks make it easy to carve and turn which is another feature that makes it fantastic for beginners. However, since they aren’t the real deal, the ride is not as smooth. 

If you are on unpaved roads or roads with pebbles and cracks, you’ll need to slow down to keep from feeling all the little bumps. 

Most importantly, how does it feel?

Getting an awkward feeling board can deter you from wanting to ride. Especially when going 20+ mph.

Since the board is considered mid-flex, you will feel more of the shocks while riding. However, the 78A wheels are soft and feel cushioned. 

Overall, this is a budget skateboard that really doesn’t feel like a budget skateboard. What more could you want? 

The remote fits easily into your hand and allows you to control the acceleration and braking of the board as you ride. There is also a Standby feature which can make starting up the board much easier. 

A very important mention here is the fact that you can pick between belt or hub motor (or both) configurations for your WowGo Knight. This is very rare in budget boards. This choice might be very compelling to beginners.

WowGo Knight kit

How do other budget electric skateboards compare?

Backfire G2 Black

This board is pretty similar to the WowGO Knight but it has an extra layer of maple wood that makes it less flexible. The wheels are also designed to better absorb shock and vibrations that you may feel while riding. 

It has a top speed of 28mph and a range of about 15 miles, which is slightly higher than the WowGo Knight. 

Overall, many of the specs are the same or only slightly different. The WowGo seems to be a tad bit superior just because it has a better controller and better waterproof capabilities. 

If you are an intermediate reader looking for an inexpensive board or a backup board, the Backfire G2 Black could be better because it goes a little faster and has a stiffer deck. 

Ownboard W2

The range on this board is slightly lower at 7.5 miles which might make it a bad option if your commute is longer. The acceleration and top speed are the same as the Backfire on paper, but riders say that can get closer to 50kmh when riding on a flat surface. 

Even at fast speeds, the board feels stable. Hard braking can cause the belts to wear out quickly on this model though, so it’s better not to push the speed when you might need to be slamming the brakes. 

If you’re looking for a good inexpensive option that can let you go fast and not get you worried about small bumps in the road, this could be a good option. 

Teamgee H5

The specs on this board are 22mph top speed with an 11-mile range. The main pro of this board is the remote. The LCD screen tells you the battery life and other specs. If you’re really interested in monitoring your speed and how the board is performing, this remote will do the trick. 

The wheels are prone to getting wheel-bites because riders say the trucks need to be loosened often on this model. You might have to get risers or consider getting smaller wheels which is another investment. 

The Teamgee H5 could be the best option for more intermediate riders that want the full use of a remote that lasts several rides without needing to be recharged. 

The range is pretty low so it is probably not the best option if you plan to ride for a long time across the city. 


A good cheap electric skateboard like this can get you started riding and take away the drag of the morning commute.  If you’re looking to just have a nice and comfortable ride on a low budget, but still want slime of the features of high tiered boards, the WowGo Knight is a solid choice. 

The deck and the controller make it one of the best choices for beginners or an intermediate rider looking for another board. 

The handle also makes it an ideal choice for carrying it around inside buildings or public transportation because it takes away the need to pin it under your arm. 

Bonus Q&A with Wowgo’s team

I’ve reached out to the team to ask a couple insider questions about the board. Here’s what they said.

Who is the Knight for?

Knight is more suitable for beginners

What are the major improvements in the ESC of the Wowgo Knight? Standby mode is pretty cool.

Compared with wowgo3 and wowgo 3X, Knight’s ESC has further improved its water resistance and added a standby mode. In addition, the smart ESC can also learn to adapt to different motors, the ESC has good compatibility.

Do you have any plans of selling this ESC as a standalone product? It would be cool for a lot of DIY fans.

At present, the ESC is our exclusive product, we will base on market feedback. Then decide whether to sell the ESC separately as an accessory.

What are the customization options for the Wowgo knight? Who would the different combinations of battery/motors fit best?

Knight currently sells hub-driven and belt-driven. The structure of hub-driven is simple,  and it has a low maintenance cost, less noise. And the belt-driven has a good shock absorption effect and strong climbing ability. Which motor to choose depends on the customer’s personal preference. Currently, we only sell the standard battery, that ranges up to 11-12 miles