Fiik Street Surfer review – long range ATV electric skateboard

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Fiik Street Surfer













  • Amazing range! The battery upgrade allows you to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge!
  • LED Lights: If you want to ride in the dark, just engage the bright LED lights. They will help you see and keep you visible to other traffic in the area.
  • Easy to control. This board maneuvers well around a variety of different obstacles and can handle all terrains.


  • Heavy construction. The board weighs 50 to 60 pounds depending on which battery you opt for, so carrying it home will be a bit of work.
  • Although it’s powerful at 800 watts, it only has 1 motor, which decreases the responsiveness of each individual wheel and takes longer to communicate.
  • Large and heavy battery. The battery adds a lot of weight, and it’s pretty visible so it may need some help clearing tougher obstacles.

Electric skateboards are all the rage! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, a commuter or an explorer, an electric skateboard is the most exciting motor vehicle to get you where you’re going. It saves you from walking up those steep hills and gets you to your destination much more quickly, but unlike cars, you don’t have to worry about where to park or heavy traffic.

These win-win electric skateboards are an emerging niche market that more and more people are embracing. The trouble with this is that half of the market still operates as a small segment while the other half has begun looking into manufacturing and bulk production. This leaves huge variances when it comes to quality, pricing, and features.

Doing your homework in this kind of market becomes critical. Knowing the features you want and the ones you can do without is important. Establishing your budget before you shop is also going to narrow your choices down quite a bit. From there, it’s about reading different reviews and choosing the product that you like best.

This is a Fiik Street Surfer review that will cover the features, parts, specs, and rude aspects of the Fiik Street Surfer electric skateboard. By the end of the article, you will see how it stacks up against close competitors as well as the main strengths and weaknesses it has to offer.


Fiik Street Surfer skateboard features

This skateboard is packed with some amazing features! If you want to ride at night, you can activate the LED head and tail lighting. The short wheelbase allows for tighter turns. Mix that with the aluminum rims and pneumatic off-road Street Special tires or heavy-duty knobby rubber tires and you can easily tear through any terrain, no matter how dirty!

It can carry up to 300 pounds of weight with ease and has a ton of torque for plenty of power. You can choose between a 13 or 30 AH battery, which offers either 20 or 50 miles of range at a top speed of 22 miles per hour. The batteries are rechargeable lithium batteries with a quick-release so you can swap them out and keep riding, but if you get stranded the board itself has a handle to help you lug the over 50 pounds back home.

The wireless controller has a pistol grip, so the settings are very easy to change. With anti-lock braking and a concave deck, you won’t be thrown off your game when it stops quickly. The regenerative braking allows you to recharge your battery as you’re braking, and they are easy to control using your wireless controller. The controller offers 4 different speed settings, allowing you to increase the speed as your skill increases.

Street Surfer electric skateboard review

Ride experience

This board claims that it can be used everywhere from sand to pavement, so we decided to test the ride experience. Despite the name of Street Surfer electric skateboard, this model is actually built to handle any terrain. It can quickly move from grass to mud, gravel to pavement with very little jarring thanks to the great shock absorbency and amazing tires.  These wheels are smaller than other ATV wheels, but they do a great job clearing most obstacles.

When it comes to the streets, this baby really shines! It performs seamlessly and lives up to the name. It truly feels like you’re surfing down a smooth, snowy mountain in the winter, or gliding over the ocean waves on a perfect summer day.

Controls and speed modes

The controls are also really nice. The remote works flawlessly and each USB charge offers 10 hours of power. The controller offers 4 different speed modes. The lowest speed is great for beginners, and the 4th speed (warp speed) requires a helmet and padding because it will hit the max speed and assume that you’re an advanced rider.

Weight? Not a problem

Usually, heavy weight works against you with boards. Admittedly, the reason this board isn’t quite as expensive as the top-end models is because it sacrificed dual motors and lightweight design. This board weighs 50 pounds, and upgrading to the 50-mile range adds another 10!

Despite that, we noticed that in this case it actually improved the ride experience to have the extra weight. When taking this board off the paved path and through grass and sand, the heavier design absorbed the shock a lot more, so we weren’t straining our muscles or getting bucked off the board!

How does the Street Surfer skateboard compare?

Now, let’s take a look at how this board compares to some of the closest competitors. After all, there are a lot of fabulous boards out there and everyone has different priority features!

Fiik Street Surfer vs. Big Daddy

Okay, both of these are Fiik boards, but they’re both strong competitors so it only seemed fair to compare them given the popularity of both. When it comes down to it, the Street Surfer actually wins the race for us. It has better maneuverability thanks to the tight wheelbase, it’s a much smoother ride thanks to the incredible wheels, and in terms of control, deck design, battery, motor, and bearings, they’re exactly the same so in those categories, they’re pretty even.

Fiik Street Surfer vs. Evolve Bamboo GTR

These are both amazing off-road electric skateboards, so we wanted to put them against each other. The Evolve edges out the Fiik in top speed, claiming 26 miles per hour top speed to the Fiik’s 22 miles per hour.

As far as range goes, a lot of that is based on which battery you grab. Both offer a base battery and an upgrade. The Evolve’s base can do 7 off-road miles and 10 paved miles in range, with the upgraded battery offering 19 and 31 miles respectively. The Fiik outperforms these numbers, offering 20 miles with the standard battery and up to 50 miles of range with the upgrade.

Street Surfer vs. E-Glide GT Powerboard

Another great electric skateboard is the E-Glide GT Powerboard. This board offers a standard battery range of 20 miles, which is equal to the Fiik, but the upgrade only offers 35 miles in total range, while the Fiik’s upgrade can get you to about 50. Both of them have concave dropped decks and superior trucks for smooth rides, but the GT powerboard is a bit easier to maneuver and can handle tougher hills.

This is probably because it has a seriously powerful motor. The E-Glide’s motor surpasses the Fiik’s in terms of power and torque by quite a bit. In fact, the E-Glide can accelerate all the way to its 23 miles per hour top speed in under 5 seconds, vastly outperforming the Fiik. Read our review.

Fiik Street Surfer vs. Marbel Board

The Marbel board began on Kickstarter, but so far they have made a huge impact in the industry. Their board is only 10 pounds, which is much, much lighter than the whopping 50 to 60 pounds of the Street Surfer. Despite that, it surpasses the Fiik’s 22 miles per hour top speed, managing to cap at 25 miles per hour instead.

The Fiik edges the Marbel out when it comes to the ride experience, though. Thanks to the superior tires and shock absorbency, the Fiik board is much smoother. The turning and carving on the Marbel board feel unsteady, whereas the Fiik board feels like gliding.

The range of the Marbel is similar to the standard range of the Fiik, offering 16 miles per charge. One of the Marbel’s advantages is that their board can be controlled using either a controller or a smartphone app for those who want to travel lighter.


This is a really great electric skateboard! It’s got a moderate price that puts it squarely between budget and high-end boards, and it performs closer to the high-end side of the spectrum than the budget side.

It can easily handle a variety of terrains, whether you want to use it on the streets for an extended commute or take it off-road for some adventure and exploration. It has a solid construction, stability, and an amazing amount of range and torque! We really enjoyed riding this board.