Teamgee H20T Review: the best budget all terrain electric skateboard?

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Teamgee H20T













  • Well-made, stable deck
  • Fast-acceleration
  • Comfortable long riding
  • Super wide wheels


  • Need some time to get used to the breaking
  • Quite heavy to carry around

Now is a great time to look for a new electric skateboard with summer just around the corner. The team at Teamgee was kind enough to send me the new H20T to try out. Perfect timing!

Teamgee H20T box

The board has some pretty insane features that give it one leg up compared to other electric skateboards in the same price range. 

Spoiler Alert: It might be one of the most stable riding skateboards not only because of the wider tires, but because of the antiskid capabilities. 

We will go over all the features below and see how you can start using this just in time for the hot weather. 

Let’s get started.

Key Features

While the skateboard has several unique features, there are 3 that stand out above the others. The miles it can get on a single charge, the fast acceleration, and the sheer comfort. 

Teamgee H20T features

Long battery life

When fully charged, the board can go up to 35km or about 22 miles (the model I got is around 25km or 15 miles). This is possible because of the huge 7.5 AH battery (or 9.6 AH which is available alternatively). Plus with the 4 different speed modes (L, B, H, H+) you can extend your range by sacrificing some speed if needed.  

Fast acceleration

Even though the H20T is quite heavy at 9.3kg or 21lbs, the acceleration is pretty crazy. You can get from 0-26 miles in about 3-5 seconds. The board comes with the Teamgee handheld remote so you can switch between acceleration modes with a touch of a button – even while riding, which is pretty unique at this price range. 

Despite these above two features being pretty amazing, I don’t think the 20T should be the first choice for beginners. The fast acceleration could be intimidating and a little dangerous for new riders. 

Stable riding 

You don’t have to be an expert rider either though. The large, somehow stiff deck makes it so stable that even if you’re not used to longboards and these speeds, you’ll get a pretty good handle very quickly. It also has W-shaped foot sockets which allow you to plant your feet firmly on the deck even when going at high speeds. 

The concave formation design and the warped sides also give it even more stability, even when skating across uneven surfaces. The board uses a positive chamber in four directions which allows you to comfortably lean when cruising fast. 

The main tires are 103mm x 65mm all terrain rubber tires, widened with 24 holes. They’re much larger than what competitors offer. As a bonus, I also got 90 mm street wheels which I’ll try out soon. 

Here are all the other key features you need to know about:

Deep Dive Review of the H20T

Let’s go into depth about what makes this board unique and if it really has all the features that it advertises. 

Range 7/10

The board advertises that it can to about 35 km, but most riders say that they only get about 22.4km when they are riding hard or up and downhills.

This is still quite a bit better than what other electric boards get, but it is significantly lower than advertised. I also noticed the remote starts buzzing (signal of charge required) a while before it’s actually dead. 

Always better to be safe, but a tad annoying.

For beginner riders that just want to cruise around the neighborhood, this should be more than enough to get you where you want to go. Especially if you keep the ride mode to M or H. 

If you’re looking for a board to take all over town or on long trips, the range might be something to think about. 

Keep that in mind also in case you’re a hardcore rider or if you’re planning on shredding on  rougher terrain. 

Comfort 10/10

The deck is by far one of the my fave features of the Teamgee H20T. Almost every buyer raves about the comfort and stability they get while riding. 

It is a drop-down deck, which makes it slightly more narrow than other boards. Once you get accustomed to the narrower shape, it offers great security even when riding at high speeds. This is also thanks to the deck being semi-stiff. I really noticed the difference and improved stability compared to the super thin and flexi deck of the Backfire G3.

The W-shape is concave, but when you’re on the board, it is barely noticeable. So, you get the concave security while still feeling like you’re on a solid flat surface. The edges of the deck remain raised so that your feet can be firmly planted on the deck. 

Don’t worry though. The riding height is pretty standard for an electric longboard, even with the huge wheels and thick drop-down deck. 

The grip tape is also high quality, resistant and super grippy. The grain looks pretty thick compared to other grip tapes I’ve used, but it does it’s job.

Speed 8/10

Most riders say they easily get to the advertised speed of 42kph / 26 mph, especially when on long road stretches or lighter riders. I can confirm. This board gets pretty fast pretty quick. 

Similarly, to the range, the speed does not quite max out when on rough terrain or hills. However, even on heavy rides, you can quickly get to 37kph / 22 mph. 

This is pretty fast, especially for beginner or intermediate riders. It should be more than enough for riding around town or in the countryside. 

Brakes 8/10

The Teamgee H20T has smooth brakes without feeling like you’re jolting every single time you stop. 

However, when riding at top speed, the board can take about 30m or 100 feet to stop completely. This is with the highest braking mode. 

Of course, you’ve heard your mom say it a thousand times, but always ride safely and make sure you know how much braking time you need. Most electric skateboards take about 30m or so to stop completely. 

When you’re on open roads and won’t need to be stopping quickly, the Teamgee H20T is one of the best boards I’ve tried for maximum speed + safety. 

Battery 8/10

The battery in the Teamgee H20T is quite a bit larger than batteries in similar boards. It is a 10S3P array of 18650 cells rated at 7.5Ah. 

While we already covered how the battery life in this board is great, especially when riding on paved roads, the tech side of battery itself is a little more complicated. 

Many riders love to throw an extra battery into their backpack when riding so they can swap it out and keep going when the first one dies. 

On the Teamgee H20T, this may not be possible. The battery has a full locking mechanism around it where you will need to remove all the screws and grip tape. Pretty annoying when out on the road. 

Not a huge deal if you never switch the battery, which you probably won’t need to do with town rides anyway. However, keep it in mind when taking this board out. 

How does it stack up to other boards?

Teamgee H20T vs WowGo 3

The big difference between these two boards is the WowGo 3 has a more flexible deck. This allows the rider to lean and carve easier and offers better shock absorption. 

The tires on the Teamgee H20T are much larger though giving you much better stability. 

The WowGo 3 turbo mode lets you reach 39kmph / 24 mph, which is still less than the H20T. Overall, the WowGo 3 is a cheaper board, great for beginners because of the speed and flexi deck. 

The remote is also easy to use and will let you change settings quickly even while riding. 

Teamgee H20T vs Teamgee H20

The Teamgee H20 is known for its quick braking without jerk. The deck is also not as flexible as the H20T which is great for intermediate riders. 

This is a better option if you are just learning to ride because it will let you get used to higher speeds while still allowing you to break as quickly as the H20T. 

Teamgee H20T vs Exway FLEX

The main difference in this one is that it has a swappable battery that is easy to access and replace. The deck is extremely flexible, which may not be good for beginners or unpaved roads. 

The extra battery makes it a great choice for advanced riders who regularly go on long rides and don’t want to worry about the board dying. The flexibility is also great for advanced riders who are into carving. 


Overall, the TeamGee H20T is a solid option for intermediate to advanced riders who want to get a mix of street and all terrain rides. The range is not the best for models at the same price range, but still enough to get long rides in.

For the price, performance and the great deck, the H20T is an amazing budget option. The only downside is the screwed-in battery (if you’re dead set on needing an extra). 

Teamgee H20T review