WowGo AT2 Review: The most versatile all terrain e-board?

by Chris | Last Updated: September 1, 2021

WowGo AT2













  • Many gears and wheel combinations
  • Water-resistant
  • Pneumatic tires or Cloudwheels
  • Extra belts included


  • Remote is small and not the best
  • Not as portable as other options

WowGo’s boards are well-known for being excellent across all terrains, no matter how rough or uneven. 

What makes it so special in terms of off-roading? A few unique features that beat other boards. 

The AT2 is probably one of the most versatile electric skateboards both for off-riding and day-to-day riding. 

Let’s go over all the features and see exactly what makes this board so special.

Key Features

The top features that make this board capable of easy off-roading are the hill grade, the deck material, and the riding range. 

WowGo AT2 specs

Increased hill grade 

A good hill grade is probably one of the top needed features if you are looking to ride uphill. However, some skateboards advertise a hill grade that when tested, is pretty subpar. 

The WowGo AT2 is not one of them. The 30% hill grade has been tested and the board can climb the hill briskly. 

At 15% hill grades, which is still very steep, the board can race at about 25kmh or 15.5 miles per hour. 

Deck material

The deck is 38” and made with maple, fiberglass, and bamboo. It has a mild dropdown. 

The added dropdown lets you brake hard and accelerate hard. This is more important in terms of off-roading because it gives you much more flexibility when maneuvering around obstacles. 

The drop deck also brings the center of the deck closer to the ground which will keep gravity on your side when you’re going downhill or at quick speeds. 

The board’s border also gives your feet constant support and something to lean on. This will help you keep your eyes ahead and see what’s around you, rather than staring down at your feet to make sure they’re secure. 

The grip tape on the deck is cheap crap. It’s thick and provides real value to the board. It will help with shock absorption and comfort when riding. 

Riding range

With a battery of 504 watt-hours, the board can get most people to around 15-20 miles pretty easily. However, most riders get closer to 15 miles on off-road terrain. 

Riding at top speed and on loose gravel can tax the battery quickly, so 15 miles on tough terrain is actually a huge riding range. Keep in mind that switching between grass, compact gravel, and loose gravel can all affect the battery. 

On paved roads, riders reach the 20-mile mark pretty quickly. 

Key specs 

Getting into the nitty-gritty details

What about the speed and acceleration?

On uneven trails, the board will usually reach about 32.4kmh easily. For more advanced riders who are confident in their skills, the 40kmh is definitely doable. 

The acceleration is also exactly as advertised. It is predictable and easy to control from the remote giving you confidence as you ride. 

There is no jolting or dropping and the acceleration is smooth even on compact gravel. 

Let’s talk about the remote control

The remote control is important to any electric skateboard, but even more so with off-road electric skateboards. A good remote can make your ride much easier and smoother. 

To be honest, the remote control on this board is lacking in a few areas. The screen is on the side which can make it awkward and annoying to view. Many riders wish it had been placed at the top. 

If you wear wrist guards, this can also make it harder to view the screen because of the way you have to bend your wrist to see the angled screen. 

It does display more information than other remote controls though including the speed, battery level, the distance for the current trip, and the odometer. 

Checking the brakes 

Since this board is built for off-roading, the brakes are pretty superior. At a speed of about 25kmh or 15.5mph, it can stop in about 10m. This is when slamming on the brakes and wanting to make a complete stop extremely quickly. 

The board stops slower on paved roads simply because of reduced resistance. 

Changing the wheels

The board comes with 7” pneumatic tires or 120mm Cloudwheels. Some riders choose to change the tires until they get the control and acceleration that they need. 

We recommend the 7” pneumatics though. The Cloudwheels may be able to handle top speed better, but they are not the best choice for making contact. 

WowGo AT2 wheels

Cloudwheels only have a small contact area which can make your board more likely to lose grip with the terrain around it. The board is already built with double kingpin trucks which work better with grippy wheels anyway. 

Despite the two options that come with the board when you buy it, you can change the tires to anything you want. The AT2 is belt-driven which makes the wheels very easy to swap. 

A popular choice in the community is the 80mm Orangutang street wheels. These wheels make the acceleration even faster, so they are a better choice if you are a more advanced rider looking for higher speed. 

If you change the wheels, you also have to change the wheel pulleys and the belts. Otherwise, the new wheels won’t give you the best performance.  

What about the motors?

The motors are 6368 and are 170kv. This means the motor has a big torque and is less likely to overheat. The 170kv is high, which means the board has a much higher top speed. 

Riders have never seen this board overheat which makes it perfect for fast acceleration and gravel riding. 

WowGo AT2 motors

Charging and charging time

From zero to full, the battery takes about 3 hours to charge. The battery lasts about 2-3 hours on all rough terrain and much longer on concrete or roads. 

The board and battery also claim to be water-resistant. This means it can ride in rain, but shouldn’t go through puddles or be thrown into the water. 

How does it compare to other boards?

WowGo AT2 vs Backfire Ranger X3

The Backfire Ranger X3 is a powerful board reaching 30mph. It is pretty heavy at 28 lbs (13 kg) mostly because of the big battery (with lights included though!).

Overall, the board gives the rider a ton of freedom with high speed and an insane turbo option. If you want to change your wheels to custom options though, don’t choose this board. You’re stuck with either the off-road wheels or the normal option. 

This board is better if you are an experienced off-road rider with dirt paths in mind only. The tough wide tires will not be ideal if you plan to use them on pavement or just to commute somewhere. 

WowGo AT2 vs Backfire Zealot 

Another option by Backfire, the Zealot also allows you to change its wheels. This makes it a better option for commuting and just riding around town. While you can change the wheels to something more off-road friendly, the rest of the board might stack up to the challenge. 

The flexibility of the deck makes it less ideal for rough riding. Choose this board if you want an all-around good-quality board for riding on paved roads or sidewalks with minimal cracks. 

Also, a good option for having a board where you can change to small or large tires. And if you need even more speed (to the point that it gets scary) you can go with the Backfire Zealot S (30mph!).

WowGo AT2 vs Evolve GTR

This board is all about performance and has a higher price range. This makes it a better option if you already have some riding experience under your belt. 

Out of all the options, this board may have the best brakes because you can go from 19mph to a complete stop in 33ft. 

The super-efficient braking time makes it an ideal option if you’re not a beginner rider in general, but new to all-terrain riding. The board will let you get in the hang of off-road riding without worrying about busting yourself up. 

The quick ease of changing tires on the AT2 still makes it a better overall option though. 


Overall, the Wowgo AT2 could be one of the best off-road options if you’re looking for something to ride no matter the location or environment. The ability to change the tires easily can also make it a commuter board if it needs to be.

If you’re looking for a cheap board, this is probably not the best option. The higher price point comes with better features, but they aren’t all necessary if you’re not using the board off-road often. 

For rough terrain, this board is high quality and won’t leave you disappointed. 

Bonus Q&A with Wowgo’s team

I’ve reached out to the team to ask a couple insider questions about the board. Here’s what they said.

Who is the AT2 for? 

AT2 is suitable for more professional riders who like to challenge various terrains

How water resistant is the AT2? 

Will we see a truly 100% water resistant eskate at some point? -T2 is treated with IP55 water-resistant, but no boards can be 100% waterproof, we do not recommend riding on rainy days.

What are the customization options for the AT2? Who would the different combinations of battery/motors/wheels fit best? 

AT2 can be easily switched from all-terrain wheels to street wheels, including the Cloudwheels or PU wheels. Compared to PU street wheels, the Cloudwheels have a better shock absorption effect.  Compared with pneumatic tires, the Cloudwheels have a smaller diameter. So the board has relatively long battery life.  The pneumatic wheel have the best shock absorption effect and are suitable for various roads. It is easy to get over various obstacles on the road.

What’s the most requested feature customers ask for but that is still not been implemented and why? 

Customers have always wanted affordable but powerful skateboards, and we have been working hard for this.

When it comes to decks, do you opt for flexibility and carving or more for stability and performance?

Wowgo AT uses a Fiberglass, Bamboo, and Canadian maple deck that is very stable while remaining flexible.