BLITZART Mini Flash Review: Feather-Light and Durable

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021














  • Exceptionally lightweight design
  • Fast charging time
  • Relatively high speed for a small board
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Brushless hub motor avoids the pitfalls of chain or belt motors
  • Relatively smooth ride for a lighter board
  • Interchangeable polyurethane wheels


  • Shorter battery life than comparable models
  • Lacking in additional safety features, like lights

With its lightweight design and powerful motor, the BLITZART Mini Flash is easily one of the best starter eboards for those looking into this great hobby and commuting option.

Like many great skateboarding companies, BLITZART is located in southern California and claims influence from the region’s storied surfer culture. The simplistic design and straightforward attitude of the Mini Flash certainly attests to this great influence.

While the BLITZART Mini Flash may not pack in quite as many features as some other options out there in the electronic skateboard market, the ones it does include make this board an excellent buy.

In this review, we’ll cover all of the pertinent details you need to know if you’re comparison shopping this board and others. We’ll talk about the key features, specifications, and even some info on how this board stacks up against others like it, so you’ll be able to make a confident, informed purchase when the time comes.

Blitzart Mini Flash 28" Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8" Wheel E-Skateboard (Black)

Key Features

Design & Construction

One of the best aspects of the BLITZART Mini Flash is its surprisingly durable design and top-notch construction materials. The deck itself is comprised of 5 layers of maple and an additional 2 layers of bamboo. This is nice because it gives you the look and feel of a standard wooden skateboard, unlike some of the other metal options available.

Further, the 2.8 inch wheels are made of durable polyurethane. Even better, you can swap out the tires for other options or colors that better suit your own personal style.

What’s more, despite the lightweight design, the BLITZART Mini Flash can accommodate riders of up to 270 pounds! That’s what the durable construction materials like maple and bamboo add to this great product.

Technology & Connectivity

The BLITZART Mini Flash features an exceptionally ergonomic handheld remote control. While the controller itself is somewhat flimsy (that is, you definitely don’t want to drop it on the pavement!), the controls are still very intuitive and there is very little latency with the board.

The controller fits comfortably in your hand, and the controls are easy to use, and it even features reverse capability. Just be sure to use this reverse feature with caution, as it can be a bit of a steep learning curve to gain the skill of riding backwards!

Blitzart Mini Flash 28" Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8" Wheel E-Skateboard (Black)


The Mini Flash sports a 250 watt brushless hub motor. With this relatively powerful motor, you’ll be able to reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Pretty impressive for a small deck with a relatively small motor!

What are the benefits of a hub motor over a belt drive motor? Well, for starters, a hub motor is going to take up less overall space on your deck, meaning it will be more attractive to the eye and less cumbersome overall.

Further, you’re less likely to run into mechanical issues with hub motors, as opposed to more accident prone motors with belts or chains. This is definitely something to consider when comparison shopping different types of electronic skateboards.

However, even if you do run into trouble with this skateboard, at least it’s incredibly light if you find yourself in a situation where you have to carry the board for long distances.

Ride Quality

While not quite as smooth as some other options out there, the BLITZART Mini Flash holds its own in this department. Given it’s lightweight design, you might expect a bumpier ride, but we found the Mini Flash exceptionally smooth for its size and weight.

Battery & Charging

The BLITZART Mini Flash skateboard may not offer the longest battery life—lasting for about 8 miles of continuous riding—however, it somewhat makes up for this with the relatively short charging time of only 2.5 hours.

Additional Features

As we’ve mentioned before, the Mini Flash is somewhat lacking in additional features. Unlike some other boards, for instance, it doesn’t come with dedicated safety lights. So, if you plan on riding this board at night or in low visibility conditions, you’ll want to come up with some other solution of your own to ensure safe riding.

Also, since this board is so lightweight, we thought it would have been nice if it included a built-in carrying handle. This would just add to the board’s portability. That said, we didn’t find the board especially difficult to carry even without this feature.


Ultimately, the BLITZART Mini Flash is an excellent starter e-board. If you’re looking for a penny board for an affordable price to get an idea of the benefits of commuting on an electric skateboard, you could certainly do a lot worse than this great board.

With its durable design, relatively fast speeds, and quick charging time, the BLITZART Mini Flash will definitely give you many years—and many miles—of e-boarding fun and excitement.

Oh, and it would be a shame not to mention the great aesthetics of the BLITZART Mini Flash. Due to it’s sleek design, it looks much like a standard, non-electric skateboard. Further, it comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. You’ll be able to find the perfect look for your personal style.

How Does It Compare?

Just to give you a better idea of how this model stacks up against similar eboards, we’ve compiled a short list of comparable models, so you’ll have even more information to make a confident purchase when you’re ready. Take a look at these alternatives to see how the BLITZART Mini Flash compares.

BLITZART Mini Flash vs Maverix Monster

Compared to the Maverix Monster, the BLITZART Mini Flash holds a considerable edge in nearly every category. For instance, the maximum operating range of the Maverix Monster is only 5 miles, compared to the more impressive 8 miles of the Mini Flash.

Also, the maximum speed for the Maverix Monster is only 6 miles per hour, half that of the Mini Flash.

But for some, these apparent detractors might actually be features, rather than bugs. For instance, if you are looking for a good starter board for a younger rider, the Maverix board might have a slight edge. You don’t want the little ones going too fast or too far, after all!

BLITZART Mini Flash vs Hiboy Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy is pretty comparable to the Maverix Monster in size and features. However, like the BLITZART Mini Flash, the Hiboy boasts faster speeds of up to 12.4 miles per hour. Due to this higher maximum speed, this is probably more suitable for older, more experienced riders. The Maverix Monster, for instance, is going to be a better option for the little ones or those who don’t have much experience with electric skateboards.

It’s the battery life where the Hiboy is outmatched by the competition. That is, it can only run for about 6 miles on one full charge. This is relatively weak compared to the much better battery life of the BLITZART Mini Flash, with 8 miles per full charge.

BLITZART Mini Flash vs Spadger D5X Electric Skateboard

The Spadger D5X is very similar in design and features to the Hiboy. That is, like the Hiboy, it can reach up to around 12.5 miles per hour and can run for just about 6 miles on a single battery charge.

That said, the Spadger also boasts some excellent safety features, like the built-in LED light for better visibility when riding at night.

Like these similar models, the Spadger also features an incredibly lightweight design. Weighing it at around 10 pounds, it’s definitely one of the lighter models we’ve considered.

It also features three different speeds based on skill and rider experience. That is, the lowest speed is designated for beginners, on up through the top speed more suitable for more experienced skaters.


If you just want to dip your toes into the world of electric skateboards, the BLITZART Mini Flash is a great place to start, especially if you don’t want to break the bank. With its affordable asking price, efficient design, and relative power, this is an outstanding starter eboard.

Of course, it doesn’t include many of the fancy and innovative features that many other higher-end models boast, but we think it’s an excellent choice just to get an idea of what all the fuss is about when it comes to this new area of commuter transportation.