Boosted Board Mini X Review: A Powerful and Compact Travel Companion

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Boosted Board Mini X













  • Responsive and nimble
  • Its compact size offers great manoeuvrability
  • Plenty of torque for smooth throttling and braking
  • Big, soft, custom-designed wheels
  • Superior Bluetooth controller design


  • Is a bit heavy for its size
  • Limited range
  • More affordable; but far from cheap
  • Not comfortable on long rides or on rough terrain

Electric skateboards have seen a significant surge in popularity these last few years, with Boosted being one of the most notable players. While the company’s output has strictly been longboards, it has recently released a 2018 line-up which includes two shortboard versions.

One of these “Mini” versions is the Boosted Mini X. This entry-level electric skateboard offers the same top-notch build quality and high-power of the longboards with more portability for those living in hybrid transport cities.

It comes with new features like custom-designed 80-mm wheels, a wide curved deck and precision-machined aluminium trucks for greater comfort.

So is the Boosted Mini X worth your money? Let’s find out in this review.

Key features of the Boosted Mini X

Let’s dig deeper and review the Boosted Board Mini X

Design and form factor

The Mini X sports a composite deck that’s built using a strong poplar core and wrapped in fiberglass. The deck has a wide, stable standing and features a concave shape that secures your feet into the board for great control and response.

The skateboard also has a kicktail design – the upwards bent tip of the deck – that allows you to make sharp 90 degrees turns for ultimate maneuverability.

It’s worth mentioning that the battery takes up most of the board’s bottom, so the Mini X doesn’t offer the same kind of flex of the Boosted longboards. Additionally, its rigid deck vibrates as you accelerate over divots and gravel and since it’s short it doesn’t offer rock-solid stability making acceleration feel a little squirrely (but definitely thrilling).

At 29.5 inches long, its compact design allows you to fit it in the overhead storage on trains and buses, under desks, and won’t slow you down during transits in busy stations. Unlike Boosted’s previous models, the Mini X weighs 16.8 lbs.

Despite being a shortboard, it’s still quite heavy for its size considering the longboards weigh 17 pounds.


The Mini X’s remote is quite intuitive and has a jerk which makes acceleration and braking smooth. This function is especially helpful for amateur riders who are new to using the controls.

Along with the braking trigger and acceleration, there is a number of lights on the side of the remote that indicate connection and speed mode, remote battery and board battery.

Connectivity with smartphone via app and Bluetooth

The skateboard’s smartphone app allows you to track your mileage and estimate range based on battery level. In addition to this, it also makes important updates to your board to improve performance or fix bugs.

Build quality and ease of use

The Boosted Mini X has a top-notch and I’d say quite high-tech build, thanks to its poplar wood core and triaxial fibreglass.

It also has polymer sidewalls with a tail puck that protect the deck material from impacts and abrasions. The reinforced hardware mounts provide extra strength to the board.

The electric skateboard is easy to use making it a great option for beginner riders.

The different speed modes allow you to learn the controls so you can start from the beginner mode then slowly move on to higher speeds.

Safety and usability on the road

Safety depends in part on the board and the rider. Obviously you should wear a helmet and other protective gear such as long sleeves, knee pads, and wrist guards when riding.

Also, avoid riding on wet or icy surfaces, in the rain, on uneven or slippery surfaces, in traffic, up steep hills and over gravel, cracks or obstacles that can cause loss of traction. The board can handle pretty much anything, but safety must be your main concern when riding.

How does the Boosted Mini X stack up to competitors?

Here are other great electric boards and how they compare to Boosted Mini X.

Boosted Mini X vs Inboard M1

The Inboard M1 is one of the best electric skateboards on the market. It has a maximum range of up to 7 miles (compared to the Mini X’s 14), an electronic regenerative braking system, impressive hill-climbing power, three riding modes, a remote controller, an app, and it’s a bit lighter at 14.5 pounds.

However, it’s got some features that make it stand out.

First, it has a top speed of 22 mph, which is quite impressive when compared to Mini X’s top speed of 20 mph.

Second, instead of a belt drive motor that’s common in electric boards and has a bit more torque, the Inboard M1 features its own in-wheel “Manta Drive” electric motors that promise a neat look and water-proof riding.

Third, it mounts a swappable battery so you could carry an extra one and swap it in a few seconds to get more  mileage. On the Mini X you’ll have to unscrew 6 screws and disconnect one cable to remove the battery.

The board features integrated headlights and taillights which make you visible when riding in the dark. The Boosted Mini X doesn’t offer any of these.

This skateboard is great for both novice and professional riders thanks to its three riding modes – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Read our review

Boosted Mini X vs Meepo Board V2

Meepo’s CEO Kieran, created a board that is ideal for high speeds and steep commutes.

It has a top speed of 29 mph, a range of 11 miles (17 miles with the SANYO battery option) and a hill climbing power up to 30% grade.

The board also sports a regenerative braking system and a wireless remote. Other features  are the 4.4Ah 10s battery, taillights, 83mm Polyurethane 74A Dura wheels, and shredder trucks. Additionally, it has four ride modes – Beginner, Eco, Expert and Pro.

Unlike the Boosted Mini X, the Meepo V2 does not offer Bluetooth connectivity or have an app.

The downside of the Meepo board is that it might be uncomfortable. Most common boards normally have a concave shape that gives riders superior control when making turns.

The Meepo board has a convex shape which makes riding the board akin to balancing a thin bar. Consequently, there’s the chance you’ll experience some kind of pain in the arches of the feet after minutes of riding. Read our review

Boosted Mini X vs Miles Dual

The Miles Dual might look similar to the Boosted Board Mini X, but look closer and you’ll notice the two hub (in-wheel) motors rather than belt drives.

Another difference is that the Miles has two speed modes – beginner and pro and its deck is made out of 100% carbon fibre giving it unmatched strength.

This eBoard goes 22 mph, has a 10-18-mile range, a smart remote, climb grades up to 20% and weighs 12.5 pounds.

The undercarriage is sealed and motors are waterproof allowing you to ride through puddles and in light rain.

Boosted Mini X vs Acton Blink QU4TRO

Acton’s Blink QU4TRO promises to be the most advanced electric skateboard on the market.

With four hub motors, this eBoard boasts great torque, speed, and power. It tops out at 23 mph, can travel 22 miles on a single charge and can take on hills as steep as 30% grade.

The board features three ride modes, a regenerative braking system, a joystick, and LED lights (front/tail/two side-lights).

The only downside of this board is its weight.

The QU4TRO tips the scales at a whopping 25 pounds due to the four motors and power-dense lithium-ion batteries. This weight makes the board hard to manoeuvre and a bit of a pain to carry around when you’re not riding.

The board is ideal for serious riders and commuters, thrill seekers, speed junkies and people who live in hilly neighborhoods. Read our review

In conclusion…

Almost every company wants to get in on the electric skateboarding game.

While most companies try to lure their customers with promises of compact and lighter skateboards at affordable prices, Boosted still remains the gold standard.

The Mini X offers great speed without sacrificing stability, can climb steep hills, has a concave composite deck that keeps you locked in and the three ride modes make the board great for all types of riders. It’s a great entry level (still not the cheapest) electric skateboard.

If you’re not a thrill seeking rider and don’t need to cover long distances every day, you could check out the Boosted Mini S, to get the same excellent quality at a more affordable price.