Enertion Raptor 2 Review: The Beast of the Electric Board Market

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Enertion Raptor 2













  • Super fast
  • Two handles to carry around
  • Very sturdy
  • Great range
  • Easy to modify


  • Weak breaks
  • Heavy
  • Not air travel-friendly

The culture of electric skateboards keeps growing all over the world. The competition is tough, though some are pretty outstanding. Since 2017, Enertion Raptor 2 hasn’t moved down the list in quality and amount of consumers.

Even though it lacks in several aspects, the greatest proof for the success of this eboard is the number of its customers in the world. It would be fair to say that the Enertion Raptor managed to change the perspective on eboards globally with the specs that it provides.

As we get into discussing the details of the longboard, the company’s experience in the industry is certainly something to keep in mind. Through trial and error, Enertion Boards rapidly bettered their products over these years. Competitors try to keep up but many of them fail.

Enertion Raptor 2 top specs

Heavy is not necessarily a bad thing…

Even though the weight of this board might also count as a con, the reason the manufacturers made it this way is to make sure you are locked on the road as you ride. This is important as the high speed might become dangerous, so it’s reassuring to know that you will not fly away while riding.

Smoothest ride of your life

The shock absorption of the eboard is surprisingly high, so no matter how much you tumble or roll over rocks you will not feel it. The amount of work and thought put into this eboard puts it on the top. It becomes obvious that the experience of the developers led to the creation of one of the best boards on the market.

Let’s get into details

Physical Aspects

The deck is 38 inches long, falling into the classic category of longboards. It weighs a total of 25 lbs with standard 90 mm wheels. What makes it stand out is the shape of the board. It will remind you of your very first skateboard, but with two handles and an edgy design, it has a rougher look.

Rather than the usual freestyle eboard, Enertion Raptor seems more similar to downhill bombers. The kicktail might even add it to the cruiser category. While it is a little oversized, it might come in handy for the professional skateboarders.

Basically, you get a longboard and a bomber in one eboard, which gives you an alternative for how to ride on a daily basis.

The Speed

One of the strongest aspects of this eboard is the top speed of 30.5 mph. Comparing it to most of the competitors, this can come in as quite a shock. No matter what kind of a skateboarder picks this ride, they will definitely enjoy the adrenaline rush from gliding on this board.

Due to the fact that the Enertion Raptor goes beyond 30 mph, it is definitely recommended more for the professionals rather than amateurs. But don’t get scared, as the more you use it the better you ride, especially considering it does not take that long to master the board.

The Raptor 2 can handle hills with a gradient of 30%. Not a common number among other eboards on the market.

All of these aspects are especially tempting for the skateboarders who love to have fun,due to the high speed and the adaptability of the Enertion board.

The Hardware

Every skateboarder knows how important it is to have the ability to customize your longboard. Though it’s not an uncommon trait amongst eboards, it is still good to mention that the decks are fully customizable. Additionally, there are reverse kingpins and precision trucks.

In the back of the eboard rests the powerful hub motor. The drive train of the skateboard is 1054p Samsung 30Q, some of the best hardware on the current market. The board features a 1850 battery pack running through two FOCBOX.

The battery is 432p, which unfortunately is not air travel-friendly. It’s quite unfortunate as many skateboarders prefer to explore new places with their favorite transportation method on hand, gliding all over streets and hills.

However, it is important to mention that the company is in the process of developing an air friendly battery; so if you are willing to wait around for a little bit, the problem might be solved soon.

It is not all bad, due to the strength of the battery the longevity of rides is outstanding. It would be very disappointing to have your skateboard die on you while you are riding, so it is great to know that the Raptor has a range of up to 25 miles.

The remote control is the most popular Nano X, which might not have a lot of additional specs, but definitely has the most useful ones. It’s great that the remote is small, comfortable to handle and easy to use. Change the speed, put it in your pocket and ride away… nothing too complicated.

The look and feel

One word that perfectly describes this eboard is “beast”. Many skateboarders will agree as soon as they look at the specs mentioned above, but there’s even more to it than just that.

This might be a little intimidating for many beginners, but there is no need to worry. In reality, the board is very manageable, as the gradual pressure on the back creates gradual acceleration.

Riding the longboard is quite enjoyable, whether you prefer to slowly cruise around the streets or rush through hills. But keep in mind that the build of the board is mainly focused on speed.

You also have an option to transfer the drivetrain on any other deck very easily. When transferring the drivetrain make sure to pick a stiff deck, as the speed of the board will not be very useful on a flexy deck.

This is definitely a lowlight of the board since you are required to have a certain kind of deck, limiting your options. The eboard itself is pretty heavy and not that easy to carry around when not riding.


The stability of the board is one of the first things you notice once you get on it. No matter how fast you go you will not even notice it, raising your riding skill confidence.

The board is quite trustworthy; you can go wherever and whenever without anything to worry about. The biggest problem for the Enertion Raptor is the breaks. They do not seem to be as strong and steady as they should be for such a high-speed board. Even for the most experienced riders, that’s a big issue. That is why the board only gets 4 out of 5 stars.

There is no doubt that Enertion Raptor 2 is quite an impressive eboard, but to make an informed decision you have to compare it to several other options.

Let’s see how it stacks against the competition

Enertion Raptor 2 vs Evolve Bamboo GTX

Let’s start with comparing the Raptor to something in the same price range. Bamboo boards are very special in general. Their models always stand out aesthetically. So, I would definitely give one point to GTX when it comes to design. However, if you prefer something truly simple, then the Enertion board might be more in your style.

As far as the specs go, the Raptor 2 board wins the speed challenge by about 4 miles. But the GTX has a greater range of 31 miles. 6 miles can make a great difference for those who have to cover longer commutes with the eboard. Read our review

Enertion Raptor 2 vs Boosted Board 2nd Gen Dual

This Boosted board also has a very simple design, but overall looks much sleeker. At almost the same price, Boosted falls a little short on the specs compared to the Raptor.

The board has a maximum speed of 22 mph, which to be honest is more than enough for an average rider. However, when it comes to the range, the 2nd Gen has half the power of the Raptor board.

So, once again, the Enertion Raptor leads the board when it comes to the long commuting. But if you’re looking for some flex, then you should consider going with the Boosted board.

Enertion Raptor 2 vs Meepo Board V2

If you are looking for something on the cheaper side, but would still like to have your fun with the speed, then Meepo is one of the boards that you should look at first.

The company is known to be highly reputable and their boards are rather popular.

You can pay about 3 times less for a Meepo board and get the same top speed of 29 miles. However, you should really be willing to sacrifice the range here as the Meepo board has a maximum range of 11 miles. Read our review

To sum it up…

The Raptor board definitely stands out among the competitors. If you are a fast riding, adrenaline-loving skateboarder, it might be worth the investment for you.

The eboard has a great look, it feels reliable while riding and provides you with the types of specs that other competitors can’t. The battery life is outstanding, the speed is way more than you need probably, and the performance is nothing but enjoyable.