Maverix Monster Review: Great for Little Riders

by Chris | Last Updated: September 21, 2021

Maverix Monster













  • Great for kids (ages 8 and up)
  • Simple handheld remote control operation
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile enough for kids to learn different tricks safely
  • 12-volt sealed lead acid battery eliminates risk of fire or combustion
  • LED lights for visibility, day or night
  • Included toolkit for small repairs and board adjustments


  • Long battery charge time
  • Limited battery life, though probably sufficient for kids’ use

The Maverix Monster electric skateboard may not boast all of the fancy features of higher-end models, but it’s relatively slower speeds and shorter battery life might actually make it a better option for younger, less-experienced riders.

Again, this board is really only appropriate for kids (or, perhaps, smaller-sized adults), as the board can only safely accommodate riders of up to 110 pounds. So, obviously, this is not really a commuter e-board—it’s more just for kids to have fun close to home.

That said, the Maverix Monster does boast some clever safety features and a durable design that makes it a great option for the little ones.

Key Features




Design & Construction

While the Maverix Monster is a still great option for younger riders, we found it to be rather heavy for this purpose. At a whopping 19 pounds, you’ll likely have to do some of the transportation of this board yourself, as it’s probably too heavy for a young child to carry very easily.

But this hefty design might be more of a blessing than a curse, since its sturdiness will be able to withstand much of the abuse that it might receive at the hands of the less-careful little riders who will be using it.

It also features a wide deck base, which is ideal for kids just learning to ride a skateboard. The broad base will ensure that little ones can stay safely standing on the board. Further, the perfectly actuated controls will limit the possibility that a child will accelerate or brake too quickly, causing them to fall off the board.

Technology & Connectivity

The handheld remote control is another feature that makes this board appropriate for little ones. Some might consider the relative lack of functionality of the controls to be a detractor, but for younger riders, this simplicity is really a benefit. Its nearly fool-proof operation makes it a snap for kids to learn how to use. Further, the excellent actuation of the controls will prevent young riders from going flying after stopping too abruptly or accelerating too quickly.

Ride Quality

For a small, entry-level board, the Maverix Monster offers an exceptionally smooth ride. Even better, this board features a kicktail, so your little riders can manage to learn how to perform kick turns, a great skill to learn for inexperienced boarders.

Also, given its size and relatively low-powered motor, the Maverix Monster still manages an impressive 6 miles per hour. While that may not be very fast for thrill-seeking adults, it’s still more than fast enough to impress children and give them hours of fun. In fact, we estimate that you’ll get about 5 miles per charge, which is a lot for kids just riding around the neighborhood.

What’s more, you can swap out the included wheels with larger ones that will more effectively take on obstacles like rocks and cracks and dips in the pavement. These larger wheels offer greater shock-absorption, too, so it will lead to a much smoother ride for the littler skaters among us.

Battery & Charging

As we’ve mentioned, the battery charging time is relatively long at 4 hours for a complete charge. While this is on the longer end of the spectrum for battery charging times, we didn’t find this to be a major inconvenience. That is, since it’s not advisable for children to ride at night, you can simply charge the board overnight. Then, your kids will have several hours of riding time when the sun comes up and it’s time to play.

Additional Features

Another great aspect of the Maverix Monster that makes it appropriate for use by younger children is its LED lights. Each wheel contains one of these lights that will provide greater visibility for the rider. Of course, we never recommend that children ride at night.

Also, while not necessarily a “feature,” the Maverix Monster does come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. Compared to the less generous warranty packages out there that usually only offer 3 months, this is definitely a safer investment for your kids.

Finally, the board also comes complete with a designated toolkit. This way, you’ll have the necessary tools to make slight adjustments for the perfect ride for any user.


The bottom line is that the Maverix Monster is an excellent choice for young or inexperienced riders. It doesn’t move too fast, but just fast enough to give little ones a thrilling ride. That said, we should reiterate that this is not an appropriate commuter electric skateboard. If you’re looking for something for your morning commute, you’ll need to get something with a longer range and longer battery life that is more suitable for adult riders.

For instance, the BLITZART Mini Flash is a much more suitable adult electric skateboard with much faster speeds and significantly longer battery life and range.

How Does It Compare?

Just to give you a better idea of how this model stacks up against similar eboards, we’ve compiled a short list of comparable models, so you’ll have even more information to make a confident purchase when you’re ready. Take a look at these alternatives to see how the Maverix Monster compares.

Maverix Monster vs BLITZART Mini Flash

Compared to the Maverix Monster, the BLITZART Mini Flash is far more appropriate for adult riders. It can accommodate a rider of up to 270 pounds; although, of course, the heavier the rider, the less functional the skateboard will be.

One other thing to consider, though, if you are shopping for a younger skateboarder, is that the BLITZART Mini Flash doesn’t come with certain safety features that the Maverix Monster does. That is, the BLITZART Mini Flash doesn’t feature any kind of LED safety lights for enhanced visibility. So, if you plan to ride the BLITZART Mini Flash at night, be sure to attach some kind of light to stay safe and easily-seen in the dark. Read our review

Maverix Monster vs Hiboy Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy is very similar to the Maverix Monster in both size and features. However, like the Maverix Monster, the Hiboy boasts much faster speeds of up to 12.4 miles per hour. Due to this higher maximum speed, this is probably more suitable for older, more experienced riders. The Maverix Monster is going to be a better option for the little ones or those who don’t have much experience with electric skateboards.

It’s the battery life where the Hiboy is outmatched by the competition. That is, it can only run for about 6 miles on one full charge. This is relatively weak compared to the much better battery life of the BLITZART Mini Flash, with 8 miles worth of battery life. Of course, it does slightly edge out the Maverix Monster in battery life, but this is less of a concern, as the Maverix board is intended only for young children.

Maverix Monster vs Spadger D5X Electric Skateboard

The Spadger D5X is very similar in design and features to the Hiboy. That is, like the Hiboy, it can reach up to around 12.5 miles per hour and can run for just about 6 miles on a single battery charge.

That said, the Spadger also boasts some excellent safety features, like the built-in LED light for better visibility when riding at night, just like the Maverix Monster. Although, the Maverix is a bit better in this category because all four wheels have their own LED light. And, another thing that will thrill the little ones, the LED lights on the Maverix Monster flash more rapidly depending on how fast you are riding!

Like these similar models, the Spadger also features an incredibly lightweight design. Weighing it at around 10 pounds, it’s definitely one of the lighter models we’ve considered.

It also features three different speeds based on skill and rider experience. That is, the lowest speed is designated for beginners, on up through the top speed more suitable for more experienced skaters.


Overall, the Maverix Monster is an excellent choice for getting kids started with electric street vehicles. While it’s certainly not appropriate for adults, it’s the perfect size and has the ideal speeds for a younger, inexperienced rider.

Further, safety features like 4 in-wheel LED lights add to the high level of safety for this board. We think it’s a great option for kids to learn to ride and perform tricks before they graduate to more advanced—and, yes, expensive—electric skateboard models.