Verreal F1 Longboard Review

by Chris | Last Updated: January 28, 2022

I was really excited to try out this electric longboard for our Verreal F1 review.  Most of my extreme sports experience stems from Snowboarding.

Therefore, I’m searching for boards that mimic the smooth style of carving, while offering stability and comfort.

Verreal F1 Dual 720W Hub Motor Electric Skateboard

Excellent beginner electric skateboard with dual hub motors, 3 speed modes, and safe/sturdy design.

  • Range: 8.7 miles (fast mode) / 11 miles (slow mode)
  • Max Hill Climb: 25 - 30%
  • Speeds: 12.4 mph (slow) - 18.6 mph (medium) - 25 mph (fast)
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Testing the Verreal F1: The Ride

Verreal F1 Review

Verreal F1 is quite a sturdy board.  I even tightened the trucks to amp up my speed, which made a huge difference.

I recommend using the T-Wrench, included with this kit, to adjust the trucks tighter than the factory setting.  Once tightened, the board did not shake as much in the “fast mode”.

I took the board on the open road to test out the performance, and I was surprised to feel so secure, even at top speed.

This board is a beast; while it is heavy to carry, the weight (while riding) plays as an advantage because it is powerful and rugged.

Battery Life

As a 165-pound rider, I was able to get 7.9 miles worth of battery life on “fast mode”, 16.5 miles on the “medium mode”, and 10.5 miles on the “slow mode” which was surprising.

Even though I am a bit heavier than what Verreal advertises on their website, I found our numbers matched.

The Speed Test

As for our speed test, on “slow mode”, I was able to go 11.85 mph; “medium mode” 17.9 mph; “fast mode” 23.35 mph.

Again, this confirms what Verreal advertises, but I think my weight slowed me down a bit.  Lastly, even at high speeds, the board is very quiet which I loved.

Size and Build Quality

Another benefit I noticed of the F1 was the quality of the components for the price.  The 7-ply Maple drop down deck was super stable, similar to other decks, but half the price, making this a fantastic deal.

There is also plenty of room to adjust your stance, based on your riding preference.

The wheels seem durable, even after multiple tests over rough terrain.  This speaks to the high quality and vitality of this product.

Breaking Performance and Safety

When breaking at fast speed, the slowdown was gradual and provided optimal control.  This feature made me feel extremely comfortable testing at high speeds.

Verreal advertises a safe braking system, and we agree. Riding a board that is fun and safe are both huge factors for building confidence in any rider.

Small sticks and debris are no longer obstacles to avoid on this board.  You can literally plow right over cracks without changing your stance on the fly.  For this alone, I was impressed with how safe the Verreal F1 board seemed.

Functionality and Carving Performance

Now, it was time to test the functionality of this board.  I was expecting carving to be effortless, but since I had to tighten the trucks, I found myself pressing and leaning to create the type of turns that mimic snowboarding.

Once I found the right speed and pressure, my turns were silky.  Experienced riders and beginners will easily adapt to this board.  It did not take long to find my carving rhythm.

Remote Control

The hand held remote controls the gear shift for optimal speed, yet there is no display screen to let the rider know what gear they are in.  Instead, the remote features 4-vertical lights to indicate the speed modes.  I found myself looking down at the lights to see what mode I was in.

After a while, you can feel the difference between the speed modes, so it doesn’t matter much.

The remote also has a directional switch on the side to go forwards or backwards.

Overall Impressions

I was stoked with the Verreal F1 board.  It is the perfect beginner board that offers comfort, stability, and speed. 

This board feels safe to ride and can be used recreationally or as a commuter board.  If you are looking for a solid board that’s fun, fast, and easy to use, the Verreal F1 is a top choice.

Plus, you can’t beat the price, as this company offers deals and promotional codes on their site, making this board the “Verreal” deal.



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