Yecoo MT Mini Review

by Chris | Last Updated: March 31, 2022

Behold, the affordable mini electric skateboard by Yecoo is finally here!

If you think affordable means “cheap”, you would be wrong.  This board is equipped with high-quality parts and updated features that make this board sturdy and durable.

We were stoked to test this Mini out on the streets to see how this board would match up to other electric skateboards and mini skateboards as well.

The team at Concrete Surfers gives this board high marks, but read more to find out why.

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Yecoo MT Mini Electric Skateboard
  • Range: 10 - 15miles (70kg rider 20KM/h speed flat road)
  • Speed: 25mph+ ( 40km/h)
  • Battery: 158.4Wh / 252W 36V
  • Motors: 2 X 540W Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors
  • Deck: 8 Layers Maple Deck
  • Wheels: 90mm / 105mm Replaceable
  • Hill Climbing: 25-30%

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Sturdy deck
  • Intuitive and reliable remote
  • 4 Speed modes (and plenty of power)
  • Requires some technical handling skills at higher speeds
  • Higher price compared to other "mini" boards
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Yecoo Mini Review


I’m not one to “judge a book by its cover”, but this board just looks cool. I wanted to like this board before I rode it because of its ergonomic design, lightweight feel, and the graphics on the deck looks so sharp.

Yecoo Mini Full Board

Plus, the size of the Yecoo mini makes this board a practical option to suit all of your needs.  It is easy to transport, and it’s easy to ride.

The company advertises this board fits in a backpack which provides comfort and ease for travel.  “Hands-Free” is certainly a huge benefit.

Yecoo MT Specifications

Size: L=33.5 in; W=9.4 in; H=5.9 in.

Speed: There are four modes for this model.  Each mode is controlled by the hand-held remote.

Deck: The ergonomic design is made with an 8-ply maple which means this board is incredibly sturdy.

There is little bend in the board, so it feels safe at high speeds.

Since the battery is housed underneath the board, the stiff deck protects the battery from scrapping on the ground.

The shape of the deck has a sleek design, as it comes to a point on the nose and ends with a kicktail cut-out.

Weight: about 17.5 lbs.

Wheels: 99mm

Motor: Dual 540W Hub

Battery: 10S2P 36V

Range: 15mi.

Remote: features a 0.96in. OLED display screen.  It is easy to hold and use.  I liked the break modes as well.  It mirrors the speed mode, so the breaking happens with ease.

The display features key information for the rider such as the battery life, speeds, and distances.

The remote also offers a separate button for reverse mode (on the User Manual it is labeled as “reserve button” which is a typo – Sorry, Yecoo).

When selecting forward, the remote will vibrate once. When selecting reverse, the remote will vibrate twice. This allows the rider to concentrate on the road ahead because you can feel, rather than look at the remote.

Yecoo Bottom Side

Yecoo Mini Ride and Feel

Note: I am a 170 lb rider.  The max load is listed at 330 lbs.

I tested this board out on a 5-mile loop using three different features: the flats, curved paths, and hills (acceleration and deceleration).

For the most part, I am a conservative rider; I like to cruise, carve some nice turns, and get a core workout trying to balance and manipulate the board.

Yecoo Mini Ride

The Yecoo Mini pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I was impressed with how this board handled.

With a smaller deck and the high-quality motor, I knew this board would feel powerful.  I was cautious when I stepped on the board and accelerated.  Most electric boards have a “kick”  when starting from 0.  The Yecoo Mini was no different.

Make sure your stance is positioned a little forward when starting and keep your weight on your front foot.

For me, one issue I discovered happened when testing this board on hills. With a 20% grade, the Yecoo Mini had no problem making this climb.

When descending, I found myself adjusting my stance to accommodate for the speed which is completely normal.

However, since this board has a kicktail, I did not want my feet bearing any weight on this going downhill, so my stance felt a little tight and cramped.

I was forced to scoot forward in order to feel safer.  Now, this information was based on my own riding preference and comfort level, so keep in mind that your experience may be different.

What About Speed?

On the flats, this board handled nicely. I was most comfortable with my speed on Medium Mode.  This mode allowed me to test out carving turns, while covering some distance at manageable speeds.

I found the courage to accelerate up to 22mph, which feels very fast on a board this size.

There was hardly any shaking at these speeds. One of the best parts of any electric board is being able to break quickly with control.

Overall Thoughts on the Yecoo Mini Electric Skateboard

I was extremely pleased with the Yecoo MT Mini Electric Skateboard.  It is a perfect mid-range option for performance and affordability.

This board sells for $499 on the Yecoo website, making this a great deal considering the high-quality components.

This board (including the remote) is user-friendly, yet I would recommend this board to riders with at least some experience using electric boards.

Some of the stances and positioning were technical at high speeds. Yet, any rider (including beginners) can learn to manage their own speed and riding preference.

If you’re looking for a high-quality board that rides as good as it looks, then this board is for you…for you, for you. (Hear the Yecco).

The team at Concrete Surfers loved testing this board, and we can’t wait to review more products from this company.

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